[Free Ebook Download] A Day in the Life of a Growth Marketer

27-Mar-2017 12:49 PM Digital Marketing

Imagine a growth marketer's (let's name him Cody) daily schedule, from a morning of fearless creativity to a night of knowing that he's got another day to analyze metrics, measure growth and get things done.

In the tech industry, a lot of jobs have been created in the past; job titles such as UX designer, cloud specialist, data scientist, or growth marketer didn't exist before.

Most of the job interviews Cody attended required him to have five years of experience in Growth, Product Marketing, and business strategy, as well as expertise in data-driven marketing.

With a competitive salary and package, growth marketer's jobs are in very high demand, but it's not that easy to find such an expert. Since he had previously demonstrated success and passion for collecting and using customer insights to drive strategic decisions and was fluent in written and communication skills, he was fit to play the role of a growth marketer.

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With ample experience in the field of business development, Cody stepped into work knowing that a great challenge lay ahead, i.e. growth. He knew that he had a cross-functional role to play, one in which he would have to work closely with the sales team, engineering team, marketing team and product management team; so he wouldn't belong to one particular department.

If you really want to give growth hackers a department, it would be the Growth department.

With entrepreneurial DNA in his blood, he started the day by focusing on the growth of the company's acquisition channels by assuring that the company's product fits the market requirements. 

Some of his other tasks included:

  • Developing and executing marketing plans to acquire new users at the top of the funnel

  • Gathering voice-of-customer to influence and enhance user experience and optimize flows

  • Working with Content Marketing Manager to develop written and audio-visual content (blog posts, tutorial videos, webinars, etc.) to help with customer acquisition

After six months of working with the company, Cody was appraised by his seniors on the context of being an individual with a knack for creativity, who was always on a constant pursuit to learn something new.

As the years passed by, he was promoted to the position of Senior Growth Marketer and was on the lookout for a growth marketer who was a Jack of all trades. Growth can touch a lot of different areas across both product and marketing. It's important to have a wide range of understanding of the different levers you can use to drive growth.

Over the years, he realized that things move a lot faster when you can do them yourself, or know how to, as you can explain what you're looking for and not have anything lost in translation. Thus, he wanted someone who could master the art of prioritization, someone with a DIY attitude & a quick learner.

As a candidate stepped in the next day, Cody recalled the long lost days of all the interviews he had attended during his days of job hunting. As a growth marketer, his grit and persistence helped him hop on the long road to success and made him the person he is today.

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