5 Important Keys to Unlocking a Successful Social Media Campaign

24-Oct-2018 01:56 PM Social Media Marketing

First, let’s try to understand what’s meant by a “Social Media Campaign”. As the name implies, it is an attempt to make your post’s presence known and felt on social media through a string of posts that are catchy and interesting.The posts need to appear on various soci[...]

Leveraging IGTV For Brands

06-Jul-2018 10:17 AM Social Media Marketing

Boomerang, hyperlapse, stories, filters, explore pages, emoji sliders, video chat – you name it, Instagram has it! Just when you were getting used to the overwhelming features, the queen of social media apps launched IGTV, an app that gives users the freedom to upload long-form[...]

3 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work

18-May-2018 05:47 PM Social Media Marketing

Up until a few years ago, social media marketing strategies mostly involved just being present on social media. There were not too many organizations who were trying to promote, market, or even monetize themselves through social media. Fast forward to 2018, and the rules of the g[...]

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

03-May-2018 05:10 PM Social Media Marketing

You’ve started a Youtube Channel, but you’re not getting enough views and you begin to wonder what you are doing wrong. Is it the quality of your videos that is causing the lack of views or something else? Before you jump to more conclusions, let us ask you this — is y[...]

LinkedIn- To Do Or Not To Do

08-Mar-2018 09:17 AM Social Media Marketing

In an ocean of social media tools that you have to keep up with, I’m sure you must be wondering if having a LinkedIn profile is actually worth it or a waste of time. In the modern age of job applications, not having a LinkedIn profile is as good as being invisible to prospectiv[...]

4 Reasons to Use GIFs in your Social Media Strategy

26-Jul-2017 09:53 AM Social Media Marketing

GIFs are taking the world by storm! Today, GIFs are so widespread that people from all walks of life use it. Of course, words and photos are a great way to tell stories, but sometimes, it's difficult to find the right ones to convey a message. GIF saves the day! Phew! Remember t[...]

5 Simple Tips for Social Media

29-Aug-2016 11:11 AM Social Media Marketing

Social media has now become the medium of choice for marketing products and services. However, it is a double-edged sword. If we're not using it efficiently, it might just become a waste of time. Use these five simple tips to help you get it right on social media:Know Your A[...]

5 Ways to Make Pinterest a Business Tool

24-Aug-2016 10:18 AM Social Media Marketing

Like, Share, Tweet, +1- you've heard it all. But can 'pin' work for your business? With 48.7 million users, Pinterest is one of the top online social networks. Yet many business owners scoff at the idea that Pinterest could drive sales or improve marketing efforts.Pinterest has h[...]

Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

16-Aug-2016 04:17 PM Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business to generate more traffic and new leads. Having an active presence on popular social platforms isn't enough. You need to learn how to manage them effectively and make the most of their features and benefits.H[...]

Tools to Design Images for Social Media

29-Jul-2016 05:20 PM Social Media Marketing

Whether you're creating social media content, lead generation content, infographics, web content or calls-to-action, your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible. We can't all be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, but everyone can be creative. There are hu[...]

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