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03-Apr-2017 10:38 AM Digital Marketing

Growth marketing is marketing in the digital age, where the elements of marketing work coherently towards achieving preset marketing goals. In fact, growth marketing does more than merely achieving an organization's marketing goals. It works to adopt the most efficient, low-cost approach to achieve your goals in a quicker and tangible manner.

While traditional marketing aspired to achieve marketing goals too, it was more focused on creating awareness in an open-ended fashion.

The question is whether startups should opt for growth marketing as a way to grow, and how they rightly fit a startup machinery? For many reasons, startups are choosing growth marketing strategies to expand their market and to achieve their marketing communication goals.

Here is how growth marketing becomes the obvious choice for startups to maneuver their way in a crowded, competitive marketplace and to achieve their niche requirements:

Growth marketing works in an environment of limited budgets.

Since startups have limited budgets and large marketing goals to be achieved within shorter timelines, growth marketing is the right fit for their needs.  

Growth marketing is about building customer relationships.

Traditional marketing is focused on creating awareness and drawing consumers through different media. Startups need much more than that and look for a deeper and ongoing audience engagement that works through growth marketing.

Startups are not driven solely through product-market fit, but more through the offer-audience fit.

And, this can be said for growth marketing too. Growth marketers use a combination of media to understand the audience's mindset and forge engagements, before touching the topic of the product or offer. It is much broader in scope compared to traditional marketing, yet more effective, thanks to the possibilities opened by digital media.

In a moment of extreme uncertainty, growth marketing techniques help.

Startups often find themselves in challenging, uncertain situations, and growth marketing steps in to save the day. What makes it better is that growth marketing can work within limited resources and involve lesser costs and better flexibility as digital technology is inexpensive to use.

Who would have ever thought that "Growth Marketing" would become so popular among startups? Startups with their limited budgets, competing against giants in the same industry see growth marketing as a revolutionary way to mold and accelerate the growth of their company.

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