The 6 Best PR Mobile Apps to Digitally Market Your Business

21-Jun-2016 05:19 PM Digital Marketing

Being in digital marketing industry, it becomes very important to get out to media houses and publishers for getting your pitch a "yes". If you get to do that without even approaching those people, through the app, how much time will this save for you needs consideration. Here are some brilliant apps that can be used in one or the other way to reach out to people for getting your PR done without many things to manage.


For covering a story, the journalists require a lot of good quality images and other related documents. It becomes hectic when we have to send those files by attaching them individually at the end of the emails. The better solution is to use the app called Dropbox. You can add all the big sized images and other documents in a folder and get a link to that folder. Now, just share that link to all the journalists you're talking with and your work will be done all at once. 


This app saves the frustration and disappointment of not getting the pitch to be accepted by the news outlets and reporters. You just need to post it and the reporters who are interested in your idea will directly approach you. This has proved to helpful mostly for mobile app owners who do not get the acceptance easily for their pitch. 


With this app, you can never miss an important meeting. Whether or not you're physically present with the others, attending a conference can be the easiest task for you while away. This app allows you to capture the videos and audios while the meeting is going on. Also, you can even share your screen. This app proves helpful when you want to refer back to the important meetings with the clients. 


Not letting you keep wondering whether or not the journalists saw your email, this app is great in this job. Get this app hooked to your gmail account and whenever your email gets opened it will notify you instantly. You don't need to remain in doubt and can schedule the follow-ups with the journalists. You'll also be notified if they click on any link, thereby analysing what exactly the journalists are looking for. 


All your social media marketing can be handled by Buffer as it helps in scheduling posts at appropriate timings. You can get a far reach even for people who are not in your region. You can set the timezone and also set the schedule timings according to its own analysis as to when your viewers are online and reading your Facebook posts, tweets and other updates. 


This is an amazing app that segregates the news updates according to your likings, which are set by you according to the industry you are interested in. You can seem to be a leader guiding your clients through the latest updates and opportunities. This app doesn't let you miss an important event in the industry and helps you to gain more knowledge about the current market situation. 

These are just some apps and tools, and there are many others for some other purposes too. Share with us what tools you use for managing the PR for yourself and your clients.