101 on Hyperautomation Companies and Branding

01-Dec-2020 04:33 PM Digital Marketing

Let's be honest. How many hyperautomation companies are thinking about branding and marketing when they start building a product? Not many. 

Experience tells us, if you don't start marketing and branding early, it is likely to be ignored later as well. And if you ignore marketing and branding, you miss the stuff that makes your company tick. It is just not enough to have the right product. As Walter Landor, the acclaimed designer, once said, “Products are made in factories, but brands are made in the mind.” Here are some elements that go into creating a great brand. 

Increased value for your hyperautomation product 

It is becoming challenging to hire the right people, especially for essential roles such as digital marketing. A 2012 CareerBuilder survey of companies in the U.S found 27% of companies reportedly lost upwards of $50,000 each year due to a bad hire.  

Working with an outside digital marketing agency for branding can be much cheaper than building the talent in-house. Think of the amount of time and energy it will take to ideate and execute a top-notch social media strategy or marketing campaign. 

If you are building a world-class product, don't compromise your entire operation by cutting edges around marketing for the sake of a little money. There are many digital marketing agencies ready to assist you with branding your product within your budget.  

Expertise for your hyperautomation product 

Let's say you don't have any expertise in digital marketing. In that case, if you expend efforts in that direction, you might end up exposing other areas of your business to neglect. Technology is not what it used to be, even a few years ago. A digital marketing agency will not only keep your hyperautomation company up-to-speed when it comes to these technologies; it will also leverage these assets to their optimum capacity. 

These agencies will bring specific capabilities onboard, for example, in campaign development or analytics, so that your work gets completed faster and more efficiently. In short, if you want to build a brand image, it pays to engage a digital marketing agency because they are more attuned to this part of the business.  

Resources for your hyperautomation product 

Another great benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency is, they know what technology assets to leverage for search engine optimization, keyword marketing, blogging, social media updating, and lead generation. Branding efforts often don't create the impact you expect of them because you haven't implemented them correctly.  

For example, how do you know which resource to engage for a particular task? Who will implement mechanical SEO on your company's website to make sure that it is up-to-speed with the latest Google updates? Digital marketing agencies have these resources.

Perspective for your hyperautomation product 

You think you know your customers, but think again. Running a hyperautomation company involves many things and you can easily miss out on the finer points. And that can make all the difference. Moreover, marketing and branding are not in your job description.   

A full-service digital marketing agency can generate more market insights than you, which also comes with a general understanding of customer behavior. These companies have a better handle on listening to customers and competitors and can help you solidify your brand message.  

They will listen for your core strengths and customer pain points. They will use this information later to craft a concise branding strategy, helping you enter new business channels and reach the right audience. 


As many hyperautomation companies have discovered (some belatedly), digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers and bring business. But digital marketing can be quite complex to unravel because of the various elements involved. For instance, you must understand your customers, set up a marketing process, gather the tools, produce quality content, and be consistent.  

It is not easy to pull all these points together. The most significant benefit of outsourcing the marketing bit to a digital marketing agency is it frees your hands to run your business. You won't have to worry about branding, running campaigns, or creating marketing collateral. The digital agency's experts will work for you and your brand.