4 Reasons to Use GIFs in your Social Media Strategy

26-Jul-2017 09:53 AM Social Media Marketing

GIFs are taking the world by storm! Today, GIFs are so widespread that people from all walks of life use it. Of course, words and photos are a great way to tell stories, but sometimes, it's difficult to find the right ones to convey a message. GIF saves the day! Phew!

Remember those moving newspaper articles in Harry Potter movies? GIF works similarly! The Graphics Interchange Format (yes, the fancy GIF has an actual full form) has been around for decades- in fact, one of the earliest GIFs was a dancing baby.

While this is trending all over the Internet, it is only wise that social media marketers use it as a marketing tool. If you're wondering how GIFs can add value to your social media offering, here are four reasons to help you get started:

Tell your Brand Story

You might have an existing established brand story, but you can make it more compelling using an animated GIF. Brands who resort to telling their story using GIFs can somehow create a deep and special relationship with their audience. Your audience gets a sneak peek inside your company's culture through this fun, lighthearted medium.

Show Off a Product

So you want to draw attention to a new product you've just launched. Not everyone has the time to watch a full minute-long video of your product. GIFs will easily fit into most busy schedules- it provides a quick and fun way to take a closer look at your product. By simply choosing the right clips and details, and adding a little bit of swag to it, you can easily highlight the key features and enhance the overall appeal of your product.

Create Tiny Presentations

On social media platforms, users' time and attention span are quite short- this is the perfect place to use GIFs to quickly educate your audience about a product, or process, or even something as simple as a recipe. GIFs can also be a perfect bite-sized presentation for teasers, announcements, upcoming releases and sneak peeks. Imagine trying to explain how to wear a scarf in 5 different ways on a blog vs. demonstrating the same using a GIF!

Engage & React

Reaching out to your audience always adds an extra touch of delight. Apart from the ordinary text and emoji response, you can go a long way using GIFs to reach out to your audience on a personal level - it always adds an extra touch of delight. Even something simple as saying 'Thank You' with a GIF on Twitter can make a huge difference. If you ever run out of words or emoticons to respond, GIFs won't disappoint you; they offer you an excellent way to react to any news, thought or situation. You can also use GIFs as games in social media platforms to engage your customers. E.g. Guess the movie in the GIF, Create an interesting story using 3 GIFS, Explain your Monday with a GIF, etc. You'll have quite a lot of interesting responses coming in!

Sure, GIFS are cute and cool, but they have the greatest potential to go viral. They can add that required element of humor to your brand. Moreover, they're easy to find. You can even create one for any emotion you want to convey. 

So what's stopping you? Give it a go and turn your social media game around full circle!