5 Social Media Trends You Should Not Miss Out in 2021

02-Feb-2021 02:58 PM Digital Marketing

Since Covid-19 hit the doors in 2020, marketing got a setback. It became crucial for marketers and promoters to understand the latest trend to drive their tandems. Marketers must actively track the unknown progress forming social media's future and change their strategies, respectively.

You are in luck if you are hunting for the most up-to-date social media trends for 2021. We have compiled a list of the prime trends to keep an eye on to help you adapt and evolve.

1. Brands find their place in the conversation 

A dramatic high in social media use presented a slightly higher number of new opportunities for brands this year. 

Smarter brands sat back and listened, they then won with creative and original ways of fitting into the social conversation to break through the wall of indifference and create new highs in connection with a conversation. 

A study suggests that brands now post stories once every four days, which proves that these are getting more and more popular. 

2. Growing demand for social media chatbot communication 

When it comes to communication either with the customer service department of a brand or brand promotion, no one wants to waste their time on any generic computerized communications. This is the same thought that comes to people’s minds when they hear about chatbots. 

Luckily, chatbots of current times and beyond are not here to waste anyone's time but to bring quick resolutions to the table. These AI-powered chatbots can precisely understand a person's queries and concerns and offer the best solution within no time. 

With these AI-powered chatbots integrated into various social media pages of different brands, the dependency on humans will be much lesser, and customers will get answers to their queries at any part of the day. 

3. Social content for good 

A much-growing focus on political, environmental, and social issues throughout the year means that there is an increase in social media conversations about the issues which are close to your customers' hearts. 

In the current decade, consumers will be very closely looking for more meaningful content that they can easily watch and share for self-education and to educate others too. Customers will be expecting a more human approach from any brand. 

Brand leads like Nike, Disney, etc. have already shared various educational content around the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and the Corona pandemic. Many brands are now actively talking about 'sustainability' and 'how we can do our bit?'. 

4. Brands to continue investing more in influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has majorly dominated the whole of 2019 and 2020, and it will continue to do the same in the coming years. However, the way by which brands, and influencers use to collaborate will see many changes in the years to follow. 

Brands will now try to collaborate with influencers for series of social media promotional posts and not just for any single promotional content. They will put the same emphasis on promoting the content created by their contracted influencers. 

Different social media channels like YouTube are now offering lucrative monetization options for these influencers to help them make their future secure as they toil hard to leverage brands. 

5. Twitter’s transformation into a trustworthy news portal

Twitter has always retained the spot of a channel for generally serious talks on various topics of interest, while platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest are majorly used as entertainment platforms where users can enjoy lighthearted banters. 

Twitter is one platform that has always prioritized news stories from all parts of the world. However, the authenticity of such kind of news stories were not 100% in the past, which led to many controversies. 

In the years to follow, Twitter is expected to keep a strict check on fake news and allow only those sets which are 100% authentic and reliable. It (Twitter) is expected to rise as a mainstream news platform with more public participation. 

To sum up there were several social media trends that ruled 2020 and had a greater impact on the users and brands. The trend is very likely to continue in the coming years. If you have not switched to these new trends still, it is now time for you to do it to leverage your brand on social media and stay ahead of the fast-paced competition. 

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