5 ways for engagement with social media leads

14-Jun-2016 03:52 PM Lead Generation

Just putting out the content on social media isn't enough. One needs to work on the process of engaging people through the social media so that they convert into leads and grow the business for you. Whatever the source might me, leads should be handled with care, so is the case of social media leads.

Just to state a fact: Email open rates are 44% and email click-through rates 6% when you have socially engaged leads. This accounts to twice the leads from any other channel. So, when you follow up with these contacts, they help you create more opportunities for growth. These people show interest in whatever you do as a business, and are always ready to go through what you serve to them.

To do just that, here are some strategies that any marketer can follow and create more socially-engaged leads.

Build your Twitter list by using email contacts

Try adding the email contacts that show great interest in your emails, on Twitter. This sounds like a big task but there are some tools that help you do that.
Audiense is a tool that helps you match the email contacts to a Twitter profile so that you can connect with them and see what your contacts are interested in and what their activities are like. Another tool, called Contactually, segregates the contacts according to their behaviour on social media, their job, type of company they work for, location, etc. This would help you with more customized engagements.

Share your followers' work

Everybody likes appreciation, and so do your followers. When you share their content on any social media platform, it encourages them to do more such good work. Also, they'll count you in their good books and become loyal to your business.

Respond to your follower's posts with related content

Keep a keen watch on your follower's posts and find opportunities where you can post your content that deals with the same matter as a response to that post. They'll definitely respond and involve in a conversation. Also, keep checking for how your followers interact with your competitors. It can be a great insight for the business.

Keep asking questions occasionally

To keep your followers engaged in a conversation, ask questions that they care about. It will provoke them to react and you'll get to know about their thought process. It will also help you to find answers to customer's problems. Some marketers also suggest this idea so that ultimately you can turn this social media conversations into a blog post and add the followers too.

Follow up your followers through email

Whenever you get a follower on facebook or Twitter, drop in a little email via your personal email id. It creates a stronger connection with them. As a matter of fact, emails are capable of selling products thrice as social media. Keep in mind that you mention the reason why you are connecting with them through email and along with it provide some valuable content which they might like.

Therefore, creating these strong social media connections will generate leads and in turn, your ROI. The time spent on social media will definitely pay off if you truly engage your followers with your brand.