6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting an Online Event

02-Apr-2020 11:37 AM Latest Trends

Organizing an online event makes perfect sense in this fast-paced, 24/7 world. However, the steps you need to follow in order to organize an engaging online event are something that still confuses people. And in fact, as more and more online events get organized on the internet, it is crucial for those who conduct these events to do it right.

Online events are real and are here to stay. So, it is vital to learn and use the best strategies in order for the organizers to develop (and present, of course) the best online events possible for businesses and consumers to get the best out of it. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to make sure that the event generates value for the audience.

Luckily, creating such engaging, value-generating online events is not as difficult as you think. Frankly speaking, learning the most common mistakes associated with online events will help you understand them, which will help you organize a flawless online event that generates value for businesses and customers.

That means, considering the things you should not do while hosting an online event is as equal as focusing on things you must do. Keeping this in mind, let us explore those 6 common mistakes you must avoid while hosting an online event.

1. Not preparing ahead

Well, this may sound like a very basic idea. However, this is extremely important when it comes to organizing online events. 

Time is everything, and if you leave things for the last minute, you will face several issues that you won't be able to sort out on time. And this will definitely affect the quality of the event.

You should plan for your event well in advance. Experts recommend planning at least 2 months prior to the event so that you will get enough time to get everything ready on time. An online event must be planned much in advance so that you will get enough time to deal with the unexpected issues that come up later. 

2. Choosing the wrong platform

With advanced technology, there are several platforms from which you can find the one that works for you. But, when it comes to hosting online events, make sure you choose the right platform, not the one that just works for you. To find the right platform to host your online event, you must match up your each and every requirement with features of the available platforms. Settle neither for the cheapest nor for the first one you find. Make sure the platform you choose provides the best tracking tools that help you monitor everything best. 

Make sure the platform you choose has great tracking tools that will help you monitor your audience’s behavior. 

3. Choosing the wrong sponsors

It is definitely easy to find sponsors for your event. But, it is always difficult to find the 'right' sponsors.

Depending on the size of your event, you are likely to have sponsors throughout your online event. And, it is important to find online event sponsors who are understanding and who complement each other rather than compete. Having conflicts among your sponsors is the last thing you want while hosting an event. 

Always be strategic about the sponsor you have onboard. Choose sponsors who share similar interests, offer similar services, and who are from similar industries. This not only helps you run the event smoothly but also keeps your audience focused on the topic that is being discussed.

4. Pitching to your audience

Hosting an online event is one of the best ways to gain attention to your cause. However, if you slam a pitch suddenly into the middle of it, you not only lose a lot of people but also damages the reputation of your business and event. 

People attend your event to bring value to their lives. If a large portion of your event consists of a sales pitch, it will not generate the value that the audiences expect. 

Even though speakers might want to highlight their own services, it will be appropriate not to pitch during the session. You should pick a specific time for pitching, and the ideal time is at the end. By choosing this time for pitching, you are making the audience stay online till the end of the session, and eventually, they will be interested in what you have to offer them.

5. Making lengthy sessions

One of the crucial factors of any event (both online and in-person events), that many organizers forget or least care about, is keeping the audience engaged throughout the session. The topic and speakers would be just great, but even then the audience sometimes gets bored and zones out easily. 

To keep your audience engaged throughout and stick until the end, try to keep your sessions and segments around 20 minutes long. Try not to push this limit as this is the statistical average for how long people stay connected.

6. Forgetting to say 'thank you'

There is this one thing that you can do that will inspire people to work with you again. Say 'thank you' once the online event is over. This is something many event organizers forget. There are various easy ways for you to show appreciation and gratitude – an email, a phone call, or even a small gift can do wonders. It doesn't have to be huge at all. 


The main objective while hosting an online event must be to provide value to customers.  Mistakes will happen. In fact, they are bound to happen. But if you are careful enough, you can easily tackle them. Most of the mistakes mentioned above are very common, and by being careful, you will be able to avoid them and organize a successful online event. 

And if you still have questions on how to do it right, Verbinden Communication has an end-to-end solution to take events online. Get in touch with us and take your business to new heights!