6 Things to do After Publishing a Blog Post

28-Aug-2018 03:02 PM Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a worthy investment for any company who wants to be discovered these days. When people visit your website, they understand the effort you put into the content, and your subject expertise.

Eventually, they appreciate your content marketing efforts too. Evolution of social media has made content promotion easier.

A published blog post must be shared to be discovered. We already discussed what you must do before posting on your company’s blog. Here’s what you must do after:

1. Send out a newsletter

If your readers have signed up to your mailing list, congrats! This means they want to receive updates from you. Let them know you are thinking of them. In your monthly or weekly newsletters, include the links to your blog posts in it.

2. Tweet, tweet, repeat

People use social media because that’s where the action is. It is also a search engine on its own. After posting your blog to the website, tweet the link on your Twitter profile and use hashtags so that your content gets discovered.


  • Get creative and post images specifically designed for Twitter.
  • Use social media schedulers to schedule tweets for the next few days. You may reschedule the same tweets for 5 or 6 months later.

3. Share on Facebook and LinkedIn

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have a huge number of active users. Have you heard that Facebook could be the third largest if it was a country? To sell chocolates to this country’s citizens, you mass produce it.

However, to get them to read your content, you need to create it only once and it must reach the maximum number of people. But, we must warn you that major social networks have changed their algorithm to prevent your content from going viral these days.

So, it pays to ask your followers to share your content or use the advertising option to reach a larger audience.

4. ‘Pin’terest it

In this post, we talked about how to use Pinterest for your business. Vertical images are repinned the most. Create a Pinterest board for your blog and pin it there and on relevant boards.

The advantage of this is that there are multiple users on these group boards. Your pins will go into rotation, bringing in traffic.

5. Respond to comments

Commenting and responding to comments is important in building relationships. People and organizations have built huge communities that way. Reply to people who have written thoughtful comments.

Start a discussion thread in forums and ask people to share their thoughts or experiences related to the topic.

6. Repurpose content and reshare

Two months after you have created the post, chances are that it has readers, a few shares, and some comments initially and it’s stagnant after that. In this case, you could repurpose your content.

You can make infographics, videos, or short blurbs as a Twitter series or you can gather a few posts from your blog to create a downloadable ebook. Reshare all of your old content on social media and the content you repurposed.

And finally, keep track of your website’s performance on the Google Analytics platform. Identify where you are getting traffic from, this will tell you where you should put in more efforts.

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