A Simple Guide to Instagram Marketing

02-Jul-2016 04:57 PM Social Media Marketing

Instagram has won over the hearts of many since 2010 and is still growing strong. With the numerous effects it provides, you can make a picture look flawless and magical at the click of a button. Selfies and Throwback Thursdays (TBT) are trending topics on Instagram and the viral swing has hit the corporate sector too. After experimenting for some time on Instagram, businesses and brands have also begun to use it as a part of their social media marketing and community building strategies.
There was a time when we thought Instagram was created for individuals who wanted to share photos and videos, and socialize with others. It has a greater purpose to serve in the digital era. Instagram has grown into an amazing platform where brands can promote and market themselves. Companies use Instagram as a tool to engage with their audience better. 

So, can Instagram actually help your business or is it just eye candy?

Instagram has millions of users and it is the perfect opportunity for brands to get quick messages and photos across their target market. Here's how you can get your brand hashtag trending in minutes!

Be relevant

Post relevant topics related to announcements, news, new products and services you launch, and so on to keep followers updated.

Be consistent

Keep your followers updated on a timely basis so that you can engage better with them. Don't leave them hanging.

Be a hashtag expert

Research on trending hashtags and use them in your posts. Let people find you when they search for the topic. Nevertheless, make sure not to overuse them.

Be spotted

Tag your location in your posts so that people around the area know what you're up to, events you're hosting, and so on.

Be generous

Deliver perks to your followers through promo codes, discounts and giveaways so they will make viewing your feed content a priority.

Be fun

Keep engaging with your followers through fun contests and games to keep them glued to your page. Make them part of your story.

Be a shooter

Treat your followers to 15-second videos capturing your brand's important moments so that they feel included.

Be spectacular

Beautify your images with amazing filters that Instagram offers. (Tip: According to Fortune 500 Instagram Report, MayFair is the most effective one for marketers.)

Be a follower

Find brands and people you love and learn from your followers and follow them back. This will help you understand them better to post relevant images.

Be connected to Facebook

Activate the 'Share on Facebook' feature. This will help boost likes on the post and gain more followers.

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell" - Seth Godin.
Make sure you have a story to tell because a picture is worth a thousand words. People love stories. Instagram it!