A To-Do List Before You Start Designing Your Website

03-Sep-2019 11:52 AM Digital Marketing

These days a website is a fundamental building block for everything from retail stores to art museums. With websites coming up like mushrooms, website designs must be top-notch to grab the viewer’s attention.

When you come across a website, be it intentionally or otherwise, your level of interaction with the website is based on its contents. Whether it is for academic purposes, online shopping, or finding your correct shoe size, what you see on a website has a lot of impact on your actions within the page.

If it isn’t appealing enough, you exit the website with just a few scrolls. And if it is even a little interesting, you stay for a bit, check out a few menus and then leave. When the website is interesting and has the right information you need, you stay for longer.

A lot of work and time goes into creating a website. Below are a few key elements you should lock down on before you start crafting your website.

Use the right colors

Colors make or break a website. Their purpose is to make the user experience more enjoyable and easy. Every website must have a predefined color palette. A website’s color palette is the combination of colors you choose for your site's design.

Using colors that don’t go well with each other or even using neon and fluorescent colors, outside the right combination can take the user’s interest away as the website wouldn't look appealing.

Here is a great example of how colors make all the difference. The website Affirm use multiple colors, but they all go well with each other.

Blink and you miss it

A website communicates through texts and images. Some websites have blinking effects to texts and images, under the impression they’ll be more attractive. Although this assumption is not false. It does attract your eyes, but it also takes away attention from the content otherwise present. 

Texts must be clean, precise, and to the point. There must be a clear hierarchy of texts, making the reading journey easier for the viewer. There should be a fine balance between the amount of text and images used.

The Winchester college website has the right amount of images and text. The font is clean, crisp, and grand, which gives the viewer a glance into the college’s lifestyle.

Lesser time to load, the better it is

Having videos, graphics, and animations on your websites is always recommended. Having to read long paragraphs of  text is plain boring. Having said that, it is prudent to ensure your website doesn't become too heavy to load. The viewer is impatient and easily distracted, they may end up bouncing off your website. 

This website is for a cafe in France. Although the website has some eye-popping graphics, it takes longer to load since the graphics and animations within the website take up time to load. This could lead to visitors to leave the site prematurely.

Make the navigation easier

A search bar on a website is a must-have. This makes navigating through the website less cumbersome when the viewer is looking for specific information.

Make sure your content is properly categorized. Have a less cluttered main menu. Try to avoid using lengthy dropdowns. These are just a few precautions you can use to make sure your viewer does not feel confused by the path they have to take while within your website.

We3 is an example of how navigation within websites should seem smooth and easy. The content within the website is clearly segregated.

Have clear CTAs

CTA is your Call To Action. The CTA must be encouraging enough for the viewer to take action, by clicking on it.

CTAs can range from ‘Know more’ or ‘Read more’  to ‘Check out our journey’. Ensure your CTA messaging is clean, precise and to the point. 

A CTA can either be a button, links, or even content urging the viewer to take an action such as the Netflix website that has very clear and to the point CTAs. 

Another example of a CTA is the image below, where the website asks its readers to donate their cars.

Be Different. Be Innovative.

Websites are evolving. Standardized websites with all your content, images, graphics and whatnot are not going to make you stand out. Play around with colors and text placement.

Above all the website must be aesthetic. The colors, fonts, images, content, graphics must all be in line with your color palette. It must be aesthetic enough for the viewer to avail of your services.

This website for  2019, digital marketing conference. The website is a near VR experience and can be opened in VR mode as well.

Websites are the face of whatever it is you’re selling, from digital marketing services to cat food. The service or products are assumed to be good when the website is good. This works the other way as well.

Keep your website engaging, a good text to image balance and above all, it must be user-friendly. Here are a few websites you can take inspiration from.

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