Apple WWDC 2018 - Innovation Highlights

21-Jun-2018 10:23 AM Latest Trends

Sneak Peek Into The Event

We all know that when it comes to software product development, Apple is one of the biggest names in the industry. Most of us own Apple gadgets because we believe in the brand. Apple is committed to giving the best to its customers. A world leader in technology and innovation, it also arranges the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) every year for developers all around the globe. The prime objective behind this mega event is to introduce the latest version of Apple’s Operating System to the world. 

Developers gain a lot of insight and knowledge from this meet. While most of them eagerly wait for the conference, only a few lucky and talented ones are able to get an entry. You will be surprised to know that the event also honors and awards scholars who they think have the potential to create wonders in the world of technology. 

Featured Favorites

Here are a few updates on the attractive features WWDC brought to the table this year:

iOS 12 

New-age iOS 12 has come up with many exciting features which provide the ultimate user experience, guaranteeing a faster and delightful response. We all get frustrated at times with the speed at which our mobile operates. But with the new iOS12, everyday activities can now be carried out at high speed. If you’re looking for a more vibrant and interactive interface, customized emojis and animojis have been introduced. We all want to interact with our gang of friends in one go, now you can enjoy 32 FaceTimes at a time. More life and personal touch are added to messages and texts. There is also this constant worry about how much time you or your kids are spending on the device. Now you don’t need to worry as screen time can be recorded, which helps you control time spent on the device. Bugged by those notifications that keep popping up on your screen every now and then? Now you can manage them smartly so that it doesn’t interrupt your work. To let you focus completely on your work, there is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option as well. We love sharing photos with our friends, and this can now be done in more creative ways.
It also remembers your daily tasks and reminds you about it in case you forget. iOS is also concerned about the privacy of its users and believes that security shouldn’t come at the expense of individual privacy.

macOS Mojave

If you are worried about your data, the new macOS Mojave can help you as its basic motto is to keep your information secure through enhanced tracking preventions. It operates best in dark mode and files can be arranged systematically with the stacks. You can also take more screenshots with minimum efforts and many built-in apps have been introduced. 

watchOS 5

This watch is best designed to achieve your fitness and recreational goals. It’s simple, beneficial and fun to operate. Beautiful backgrounds add more life to the watch. With watchOS 5, don’t you think it’s easy to get fit and trim?

Attending the WWDC is a dream come true for any developer. In an innovative world where technology keeps changing by the minute, a developer needs to keep himself updated. 

Apple has consistently excelled at creating personalized products for its customers. We too, at Verbinden, focus on creating customized user applications that can make your life simpler. Get in touch with us today!