Before Connecting With Your Audience, Know Them Like the Back of Your Hand

03-Dec-2019 11:25 AM Content Marketing

The success of content marketing depends on finding the right audience. You cannot be marketing content and services to a wrong audience. Content marketing takes time. Companies who do not create content with a focus on what the audience wants runs the risk of audience boycotting your website. Your visitors will subscribe to your competition who will actually help them.

Content is an important tool to help people take educated decisions at all stages of the buying process. Your audience will do their due diligence like research and reading the reviews before buying a product. You must understand your target audience to whom you will communicate with. You must know who the audience is, and in which buying stage they are in, what problems your products solve, and what the benefit your customers get.

Knowing Your target Audience

Some of the ways you can use to understand your target audience are:

1. Create Audience Personas

Creating audience personas are the first step towards visualizing your audience before you write. Know who you are writing for; you must also know the what, when, where, and why. When your audience feels like you are writing to them and addressing their problems, you will likely have increased the number of visitors. This is also a continuous process. See point 4 to know how.

2. Conduct Regular Surveys

Product startups these days conduct surveys on a regular basis. Surveys help maintain a pulse on what the latest trend is and what users are thinking. Google Forms and are two simplest tools you can use to create surveys. Know beforehand what you want to learn from the audience survey, and keep the questionnaire short and easy. The feedback will help you gain an understanding of your target audience.

3. Ask Audience Feedback

You can send automated emails to your emailing list to check what they think about your website, or to see if they are enjoying your content or not. This will generate meaningful conversation if the reader has something to share. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact are some of the tools you can use to send feedback emails.

4. Monitor Activity on Your Social Media Networks

If your company is on social media, you can monitor all the social accounts everyday to note who is interacting with your content and what type of content it is. If you look at their profiles, you will know the kind of people who are reading your content. Doing this will also contribute to building an audience persona.

5. Use Analytics Tools

Want to know where your audience comes from and what content they engage with? Use analytics tools. Google Analytics is the best freemium analytics tool out there. You do not need expensive tutorials to know how to filter smartly and monitor activity on your website. Facebook Insight is as powerful and is free also.

This page will give you information about the demographic of your most active users and know what topics have been shared or been engaged with. Twitter has a dashboard for subscribers of the Twitter Ads account. On this dashboard, you will get information as to what kind of content is being engaged with, and also what you have in common with other accounts.

Apart from what we have mentioned above, you must talk to your customers, either offline or online. Try to respond to suggestions, comments, and feedback on your website, and on social media.

The kind of people reading content on your website, and kind of people buying your products may be different. To know what your audience really want, try to speak to them face-to-face. Get on an online video conferencing software, talk to them, and get some serious feedback to improve your services.

So this is it. There is an audience out there waiting for content that will help them with their problems. There are soon-to-be-customers for whom your content could be the last stop before buying a product. At Verbinden, we have been creating content for our clients and helped them find the right audience. Contact us to get your content marketing to work for you.