5 Simple Tips for Social Media

29-Aug-2016 11:11 AM Social Media Marketing

Social media has now become the medium of choice for marketing products and services. However, it is a double-edged sword. If we're not using it efficiently, it might just become a waste of time. Use these five simple tips to help you get it right on social media:Know Your A[...]

5 Ways to Make Pinterest a Business Tool

24-Aug-2016 10:18 AM Social Media Marketing

Like, Share, Tweet, +1- you've heard it all. But can 'pin' work for your business? With 48.7 million users, Pinterest is one of the top online social networks. Yet many business owners scoff at the idea that Pinterest could drive sales or improve marketing efforts.Pinterest has h[...]

Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

16-Aug-2016 04:17 PM Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business to generate more traffic and new leads. Having an active presence on popular social platforms isn't enough. You need to learn how to manage them effectively and make the most of their features and benefits.H[...]

Tools to Design Images for Social Media

29-Jul-2016 05:20 PM Social Media Marketing

Whether you're creating social media content, lead generation content, infographics, web content or calls-to-action, your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible. We can't all be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, but everyone can be creative. There are hu[...]

How To Sell Successfully On Facebook

26-Jul-2016 02:21 PM Social Media Marketing

The online marketplace is bustling with a variety of products and services that can be sold to anyone, anywhere and anytime. You might not have noticed this, but Facebook isn't just a place for people to connect with others. It's also a platform that a lot of businesses are using[...]

5 Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

14-Jul-2016 05:40 PM Social Media Marketing

Social media has now become the first option for marketing products and services, relaying and exchanging information and even having conversations. But if we don't end up using it efficiently, effectively and strategically it might just be the biggest waste of time in history!He[...]

Build your Brand Presence on LinkedIn

11-Jul-2016 05:49 PM Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is considered to be a 'professional networking' site - an online platform that is primarily reserved for recruiters and job seekers. However, in the current social media savvy world, LinkedIn has quickly evolved into a thriving social network that not only serves as a re[...]

A Simple Guide to Instagram Marketing

02-Jul-2016 04:57 PM Social Media Marketing

Instagram has won over the hearts of many since 2010 and is still growing strong. With the numerous effects it provides, you can make a picture look flawless and magical at the click of a button. Selfies and Throwback Thursdays (TBT) are trending topics on Instagram and the viral[...]

How to improve Facebook posting

16-Jun-2016 05:35 PM Social Media Marketing

If you're keen on growing your business, you must definitely be marketing on social media, especially on Facebook. This means, you already have a page set up on Facebook, and that's a great start. Do you ever go through the posts that you do and the insights Facebook provides abo[...]

5 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

01-Jun-2016 11:35 AM Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool in this age of digital marketing. Social media channels create a direct link between your company and your customers. They give access to the buzz or hype around your product.Here are the top 5 tools that help you manage social media effortlessly..[...]

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