5 Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

10-Aug-2017 01:38 PM Digital Marketing

Like any artist, designers can be hypersensitive when it comes to their creations. Most often they overlook the fact that they are actually working for clients rather than themselves. However, they must remember five sins they must avoid at any cost. Thou shalt not overlook the [...]

Top 6 Business Apps for iPad

22-Aug-2016 12:08 PM Digital Marketing

If you have an iPad, you probably already have some apps on it like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail- pretty much the ones that everybody uses. But did you know that there are tons of apps available that can help you improve your business, work more productively, and manage your work[...]

How to Market your Brand on Google Plus

10-Aug-2016 04:26 PM Digital Marketing

Who uses Google Plus for business? Everyone uses all of the Internet giant's other tools, but for some reason, Google+ seems to have slipped through the cracks. Google+ has over 150 million active monthly users, and 50% of its users sign on daily. So with that much activity, mayb[...]

5 Reasons To Hire The Right Digital Marketing Agency

21-Jul-2016 02:46 PM Digital Marketing

The dreaded, yet absolutely essential need to hire a digital marketing agency is encountered by every business at some point of time. If you have ignored the opportunities digital marketing offers you, such as website updates, social media interactions, blogs, among others, you c[...]

5 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

01-Jun-2016 11:35 AM Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool in this age of digital marketing. Social media channels create a direct link between your company and your customers. They give access to the buzz or hype around your product.Here are the top 5 tools that help you manage social media effortlessly..[...]

The Biggest Challenges In Digital Marketing, And How You Can Solve Them

31-May-2016 09:59 AM Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world is a tough world to navigate. Although it has numerous perks and advantages, it comes with a fair share of challenges as well. The following points will discuss these challenges in detail, so that marketers can better adapt themselves to it. 1. Measur[...]

Why Businesses Need A Digital Marketing Strategist

05-May-2016 04:55 PM Digital Marketing

A clearly defined digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to succeed on different platforms. A digital marketing expert can help your organization frame an effective digital marketing strategy and align it with your business goals. Here are the top four reasons [...]

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