Hack Your Way Around Social Media Algorithms

28-Oct-2019 03:47 PM Social Media Marketing

With Halloween around the corner, let’s talk about the scariest things for a digital marketer – social media algorithms.Going back, there was once a time when social media did not have any algorithms and posts were displayed to people depending on when they were posted. As so[...]

Dark Mode is the New Green

25-Oct-2019 12:27 PM Latest Trends

From Twitter to Instagram, everyone is going dark. People are going crazy over this fad. Tutorial videos and blogs on how to switch to dark mode are coming up like mushrooms.And everyone is talking about it.But is that all there is to the dark mode? Is it just a fad that will not[...]

Digital Marketing 2020: Harnessing the Power of AR/VR in B2B Marketing

18-Oct-2019 05:19 PM Digital Marketing

There is a constant change in how marketing is done, with constant change in technologies. Some technologies stick around for a long time, but some fade away into obscurity. As digital marketing is evolving, the marketers’ ways to engage with customers have also changed.Videos [...]

Green Revolution 2.0: Organic Food Leads the Way on #WorldFoodDay

16-Oct-2019 03:46 PM Verbinden Communication

Take action. The Food and Health Organization of the United States prompts us on its website on this World Food Day. While #ZeroHunger keeps us on our toes about tackling global hunger, the day is also about embracing a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy diets because obe[...]

Here's How To Make Smarter Marketing Decisions: Let AI Do It For You

16-Oct-2019 12:56 PM Digital Marketing

From image recognition to predicting crop yield, verifying your identity and unscrambling pixelated images, AI can just about do anything nowadays. The AI buzz is ubiquitous and you cannot go a day without encountering some business offering “AI solutions.” This buzz has reac[...]

Listen to Your Customers: How Voice Search is Changing Marketing Strategies

14-Oct-2019 11:43 AM Digital Marketing

The increase in voice searches has risen and has changed SEO strategies. Though consumers are almost catching up, only 4% of the businesses are voice optimized. Digital marketers must focus on creating content that answers the needs of users in an ever-growing conversational sear[...]

The Psychology of Color: How to Choose a Brand Color Palette

01-Oct-2019 02:55 PM Graphic Design

While the primary reason behind their purchases of a product is color for 85% consumers, 90% of the snap judgments about purchases are made based on the color of products. And, according to 80% consumers, brand recognition can be improved by choosing the right colors.Color is one[...]

Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2020

30-Sep-2019 11:26 AM Graphic Design

We are almost at the end of 2019 and the decade. Graphic design has changed in the past ten years and what was relevant then is not relevant now, and what is relevant now is sure to change in 2020 and beyond.Whether you are a graphic designer, or someone who is looking out for gr[...]

Use Graphics to Take Your Marketing to The Next Level!

27-Sep-2019 11:24 AM Graphic Design

Remember those times when you couldn’t explain a meme and you had to google it? Wouldn’t it be comforting when the food menus have images of the food alongside the dish?  Now, how do you explain what a cloche hat looks like? It is a bell-shaped hat worn by women in [...]

How Graphics Amplify Your Website's Content

26-Sep-2019 12:55 PM Graphic Design

Infographics is a visually appealing way of presenting content and an effective marketing tool. Content is always best when it comes with supporting images. Here is how graphics can amplify your website’s content.Graphic design helps your business. Appealing images, motion grap[...]

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