The 'Spark' Is Here!!! Adobe's Cool New App-Suite Lets Anyone Create Amazing Visual Content

20-May-2016 05:54 PM Latest Trends

Everyone loves visual content. The more colorful and vibrant the visuals are, the bigger the impression it creates on the viewer. Good visuals are always a big driving force in helping your business grow. But how easy is it exactly to create captivating images, infographics or vi[...]

Facebook Says "Like" To Mother's Day With A Temporary Emoticon

06-May-2016 04:46 PM Latest Trends

Two days to go before the world celebrates the spirit of motherhood. Mother's Day has always been a special day for everyone of us, dedicating it to that special woman who made us what we are today. Facebook has marked Mother's Day in its own way, by launching a new flower emotic[...]

Instagram's latest upgrade: Video carousel ads!

04-May-2016 09:15 PM Latest Trends

Videos, videos, everywhere... Yes, this is what one who is closely observing or involved with the content trends in the online space feels. So, what next with online videos?After the success of the photo carousel ads, launched a year ago, the picture-sharing social media platform[...]

Instagram feed update: What businesses should do

31-Mar-2016 03:34 PM Latest Trends

Facebook and Twitter have got their makeover, why should Instagram be left behind! Recent news about the Instagram feed update has alarmed small and big businesses that consider Instagram as an  important social media platform for their company's growth. With the latest [...]

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