Graphic Design Do's and Don'ts You Don't Want to Miss

23-Sep-2019 10:48 AM Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is never static. It is changing all the time. By the time you get the hang of a new trend, another one would have already replaced it. To become a successful graphic designer, one must stay on top of current trends to make sure their designs are as rel[...]

A Guide to Building a Brand Guideline

18-Sep-2019 02:27 PM Graphic Design

The purpose of a brand is to associate itself with the audience, developing relations with them and ensuring they think of you first when they need one of your products.Brands are the reason you say ‘Lays’ for chips or ‘Vaseline’ for petroleum jelly. Now that we know[...]

Typeface is Important to Your Website

18-Sep-2019 10:39 AM Website Design

Choosing a font is pretty hard for designers as there are many to choose from while only a handful are best suited for design. Some of the mistakes committed while designing websites are related to font. Here is why typography is important and what to keep in mind while building [...]

Website Design Trends for Smarter Websites

16-Sep-2019 11:30 AM Website Design

Website design has evolved along with technology over the last decade. It has forced everyone to think mobile first. Website building in the remainder of this decade and the next will involve aesthetics and technology.Digital medium has seen cutting-edge trends, especially in web[...]

Websites of Tomorrow: Where is It Headed?

03-Sep-2019 12:06 PM Web Technology

Change is the only thing that doesn’t change. Everything around us is changing and it happens in different momentum. The web world is no different. It was never static, and (big as well as small) changes are taking place even as you read this blog!Websites are undergoing a mass[...]

A To-Do List Before You Start Designing Your Website

03-Sep-2019 11:52 AM Digital Marketing

These days a website is a fundamental building block for everything from retail stores to art museums. With websites coming up like mushrooms, website designs must be top-notch to grab the viewer’s attention.When you come across a website, be it intentionally or otherwise, your[...]

The Best Of The World Wide Web: A Look At Some Award-Winning Websites

29-Aug-2019 12:12 PM Web Technology

Ever come across a website that has blown your mind? We’re not talking about content here. Lots of websites will blow your minds, in a bad way, with the sheer amount on inane content they have. Rather, we’re talking about websites with exceptional designs and fluid UX that ju[...]

5 Website Metrics You Should Not Miss Out On!

28-Aug-2019 05:08 PM Web Technology

Metrics are essential to keep track of everything that happens on digital platforms. Website metrics make sure your visitors are engaged, converting them to loyal customers. Everyone is on the digital space right now. And not just as users. A couple of clicks here and there [...]

From Idea to Live Website: The Best Tools to Design and Build your Website

26-Aug-2019 03:11 PM Web Technology

The very first thing that entrepreneurs do when they hit upon a new idea is to go online and snatch a domain name that’s a good fit. This is true for small businesses as well. With consumers whipping out their phones to google every query they have, maintaining an online presen[...]

What are the Latest Web Design Trends to Adopt?

26-Aug-2019 02:55 PM Latest Trends

In the last year, we have seen advancements in web designs with a stronger-than-ever focus on documentation and accessibility guidelines to make the web a more consistent and accessible environment for all. We are living in some of the most exciting times in web design with the t[...]

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