The Best Of The World Wide Web: A Look At Some Award-Winning Websites

29-Aug-2019 12:12 PM Web Technology

Ever come across a website that has blown your mind? We’re not talking about content here. Lots of websites will blow your minds, in a bad way, with the sheer amount on inane content they have. Rather, we’re talking about websites with exceptional designs and fluid UX that ju[...]

5 Website Metrics You Should Not Miss Out On!

28-Aug-2019 05:08 PM Web Technology

Metrics are essential to keep track of everything that happens on digital platforms. Website metrics make sure your visitors are engaged, converting them to loyal customers. Everyone is on the digital space right now. And not just as users. A couple of clicks here and there [...]

From Idea to Live Website: The Best Tools to Design and Build your Website

26-Aug-2019 03:11 PM Web Technology

The very first thing that entrepreneurs do when they hit upon a new idea is to go online and snatch a domain name that’s a good fit. This is true for small businesses as well. With consumers whipping out their phones to google every query they have, maintaining an online presen[...]

What are the Latest Web Design Trends to Adopt?

26-Aug-2019 02:55 PM Latest Trends

In the last year, we have seen advancements in web designs with a stronger-than-ever focus on documentation and accessibility guidelines to make the web a more consistent and accessible environment for all. We are living in some of the most exciting times in web design with the t[...]

Landing Page Hacks that Boost your Online Marketing

21-Aug-2019 05:24 PM Digital Marketing

A landing page is a marketing tool to keep potential customers focused on the product or service, and increase the chance of converting them.You have a successful marketing digital campaign. Maybe you are promoting your SaaS product. You have a lot of traffic to your website. How[...]

A Peek Under the Hood: What Makes a Website Run?

13-Aug-2019 05:06 PM Web Technology

Websites are built using a combination of technologies. The choice of technology has long-term implications on your website and ultimately your organization.Today, it is almost unheard of for a company to not have a website. The internet has become the de-facto place for companie[...]

Monetize Your Website Today: Here's How To Get Started

12-Aug-2019 02:25 PM Startups

Now that you have your website up and running, it’s time to think of ways to generate revenue from the site.Building and maintaining a functioning website has become a top priority for most businesses. A website is most likely the first point of contact a potential client will [...]

Emerging Saas Marketing Trends that Could Reshape the Landscape

31-Jul-2019 05:53 PM Startups

SaaS platforms have matured and evolved in recent years, thanks to the increasing adoption of cloud technologies. The SaaS market is expected to reach US$ 132.57 billion by 2020. While this is a positive indicator for many companies, it also means that they need to gear up t[...]

SaaS Marketing: How Companies Successfully Integrated SaaS Marketing And Storytelling

31-Jul-2019 10:06 AM Digital Marketing

The idea of selling a SaaS product, something quantifiable only in file sizes, could either be thrilling or mind-boggling. Take a look at a few of the marketing stories that managed to carve out their own space within this chaos. Let’s say a grocery shop uses a SaaS platfo[...]

SaaS Marketing Done Right: Insights Into Successful Marketing Campaigns

30-Jul-2019 11:47 AM Digital Marketing

From idea to development to execution, the SaaS market is highly competitive. You cannot get a foothold in the market if you don’t hit it running with a fully conceptualized marketing plan. Most startups with a SaaS product approach a typical digital marketing agency to get the[...]

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