10 Apps Every Indian Should Have On Their Phone

07-Jan-2017 12:59 PM Digital Marketing

In today's world, our smartphones are nothing short of a perfect man Friday- It's efficient, loyal and always there when we need it. Whatever we require, from food to doctor to the repairman, our phone has all the answers. But with almost a million free apps in the app stores, finding the right app can be quite daunting. But worry not, here we've put together a list of mobile apps which are an absolute must-have to begin the year 2017.


The recent demonetization intends to curb black money and to push the 'Digital India' mission further. The government is encouraging online payments and mobile wallets as a movement towards a cashless economy. Join this movement effortlessly by downloading BHIM, a mobile wallet. This brand new digital money transfer app is backed by none other than our Indian Government and has all the perks of UPI payment and more. You can carry out cashless transactions smoothly using BHIM, and with three-level authentication, this app ranks high on safety.  Furthermore, it's simple, vibrant and easy to use.

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DocsApp is your go-to app if you are sick, in need of medicines or lab tests. It's a one of a kind app which connects you with doctors on the go and lets you beat all the hassles of long queues, traffic, and rising hospital bills. This app boasts of a strong network of eminent doctors across seven departments and lets you connect with them within 30 minutes and discuss your health problem privately. They will provide you a prescription, you can order for door delivery of medicine or lab tests at home. It costs considerably less than what you otherwise pay for these services.

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Get verified technicians, servicemen, yoga teachers, tutors, photographers, beauticians etc. right at your doorstep with UrbanClap. You no longer have to hunt for technicians who can repair your broken down appliances or visit beauticians at a parlor. All you need to do is install the app and use it whenever you need. You are good to go.

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If you happen to live in Bangalore, this app will help you get in touch with the nearest traffic police station to report any violation, irrespective of its nature and trust us when we say this, that reporting has never been this easy. Now you can raise a complaint and even check the status of your complaint on the go without visiting a station. Bangalore Traffic Police along with ichangemycity.com came up with the publiceye app, which allows you to click any instance of traffic violation instantly and post it on this app, for further action. With this, you are actually a cop in disguise!

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TrackMe Mobi

TrackMe Mobi is a much-required app for every woman, man or child traveling alone, especially in the light of the recent untoward incidents taking place. This app identifies, validates and tracks your location and activities while you are on a ride to home or office or any other place. TrackMe also allows you to keep in touch with your folks as well with the local law and order officers.

So, with this app, immediate help in case of emergencies is just a touch away. It's recommended especially for women who are finding themselves increasingly vulnerable these days.

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You are busy in the office and have no time to get your car washed before heading to a party in the evening? Got an unclean car sitting in your garage which needs a thorough TLC but you are stuck in office? Does your car need maintenance and servicing but cannot find a reputed service center nearby?

CarZippi is the perfect solution to all your car wash and detailing needs. With this app, you can schedule a professional car wash at your doorstep and at your convenience. You have the option of choosing from a wide range of services your car needs. CarZippi gets your car shining in no time, plus it's quick, efficient, convenient, secure, and economical.

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Wanna catch the latest flick, theater, concert or a stand-up comedy? BookMyShow has revolutionized the concept of booking tickets as this app lets you book tickets of any events in your city from the comfort of your home. And you don't need to wait in long queues anymore.

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Concerned with the rising pollution in your city but hate to ride the public transport? Olashare, the latest offering from Ola cabs is the perfect answer. This app lets you book a cab and share the ride with fellow passengers. What's more? It cuts down on the commuting expense too.

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ATM Finder Cash / No Cash

With the recent demonetization, if you are struggling to find ATMs dispensing cash, this app will help you to find out specific ATMs in your vicinity which has cash. This app not only saves time, but also helps you get cash when you need it the most.

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Gone are the days when you had to call restaurants by looking at their flyers and adverts. Swiggy is a food ordering app and it is an absolute must-have for all foodies and non foodies alike. If you're pressed for time and do not wish to go out to catch a bite then we suggest you to simply place your order on the app. Swiggy lets you order grub from restaurants around you in a jiffy and has no minimum order.

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