The Best Of The World Wide Web: A Look At Some Award-Winning Websites

29-Aug-2019 12:12 PM Web Technology

Ever come across a website that has blown your mind? We’re not talking about content here. Lots of websites will blow your minds, in a bad way, with the sheer amount on inane content they have. Rather, we’re talking about websites with exceptional designs and fluid UX that just leaves you wanting more. If you’re a frequent explorer of the world wide web, chances are you’ve encountered more than a few sites that fit this description. 

Some of these websites have even pioneered UX trends that have left web designers wondering “How did they do that?!” Some others have bravely gone where no one else has and decided to create a website that will serve as a model for future designers. In this article, we will take a look at some of these creative geniuses and marvel together at their creations. That is not to say that the websites mentioned here are the best in all regards. While some are on this list purely for their visual aesthetics, others are here for showing ingenuity in enabling an interactive user experience.

Websites With Engaging User Experiences

At first glance, the website seems to be too good for its own good. It takes a millisecond longer for a user to figure out what’s going on, but once they figure it out, it’s smooth sailing from then on. From the mellow color palette to the easy-going font size used this guide to the UK energy habits created by Evo Energy ticks all the boxes when it comes to crafting an award-winning user experience.

Orange Sprocket’s website is clear on its intention. The tiled layout is pleasing to the eye and aids in segregating sections. They have followed the tiled approach on their portfolio page that has a clean layout with clear messaging. The website also incorporates a seamless UX with a simple user interface. 

Websites With Reimagined Navigation

Now here’s a navigational experience that is truly unique. It might take a second or two for a visitor to figure it out, but that’s just the cost of being innovative. The cheesy auto-play music aside, developers should seriously look at this website to learn what creative designing is all about.

No images here. Head over to the Houndstooth website and click on ‘menu’ on the top-right corner. The sheer imagination required to come up with something like this may leave you feeling inadequate.

Websites That Like To Play With Color

It’s really hard to find another website that has made such good use of colors as Cann has. Your delight only increases as you scroll further down. The website makes good use of a color palette that is able to connect with users on a very deep level.

Here’s another website that combines the use of muted colors with very subtle effects but still managed to deliver an impactful experience. 

Websites That Offer A Clean Experience

This website that offers a downloadable wireframe kit is the perfect example of combining minimalist aesthetics with eye-popping colors. They have put in maximum effort to ensure a minimalist design. This maxim is obvious when you see that they are staunch believers in the Marie Kondo school of thought.

Despite the text-heavy nature of the website, it still manages to hold true to the minimalist design aesthetic. The font helps in this regard too. Pleasing, fluid and stylish are three words that immediately pop into your mind.

Not every web designer has the creativity to come up with such unique ideas as the ones shown above. Most customers will be more than satisfied if you can design a halfway-decent website. But why settle for less? There are a lot of templates available online which people can download and design around. Make no mistake, these are very well designed and easy to use.

Which is why, as a web designer you should be thinking about going that little extra step in every project you undertake.