Top Trends in Content Marketing

16-Mar-2018 12:01 PM Content Marketing

Times have changed and companies are turning to content marketing and social media tools to make an impact and engage a larger audience. With new technologies and tools popping up every day, technology has become entrenched in our daily lives. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have changed the way communication takes place and there are no signs of this trend stopping. As these new technological advancements become more accessible, businesses and marketing trends are in for a complete overhaul and another facelift, making 2018 even more special. 

So, let’s now take a look at some of the trends that will define 2018:

Social Listening Will Become the Norm

To get a better understanding of things and take advantage of the opportunities on offer, companies will give more importance to social listening and collection of data from customers and competitors by tracking social mentions.

Volatile Content

Ephemeral content on Instagram and Snapchat will continue to gain popularity as the content is more authentic and likely to reach a larger audience.

Influencer Marketing Takes the Lead

Social media influencers will be in demand. According to a study, 40% of Twitter users claimed to have made a purchase as a direct result of a social media influencer’s tweet. Its counterparts, like email marketing, paid search, content search and affiliate marketing, have taken a backseat as the growth of influencer marketing takes the lead.

Mobile-Ready Content is the Future

With a rapid growth in the number of smartphones used worldwide, which is going to reach 2.53 billion in 2018, mobile-friendly content is going to lead the way. With the world getting smaller with each passing day, people will be turning to their smartphones to do the tasks that once used to only be limited to desktops. Likewise, social media channels will also continue to evolve and social video content is more likely to be mobile–friendly.

No matter which industry you belong to or what the size of your company is, you need to stay in tune with the upcoming trends and put your best foot forward, or else you risk at being left behind in this ever-evolving digital race.