Contiq: Perfect pitches for the analytics-obsessed

08-May-2020 01:34 PM Lead Generation

Sales intuition is perhaps the greatest asset of veteran salespeople. They intuitively understand what the prospective customer wants and what they actually need. By leveraging their ability to read subtle cues, they can guide prospects down a funnel of increasing profitability.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every one of us had this ability? However, we’re not all “feelings” people. Most of us have a hard time reading body language and gauging facial expressions.

But most, if not all of us, definitely have a feeling towards numbers — good or bad. Inarguably, numbers make sense, and numbers plotted against intuitive axes can generate groundbreaking insights.

This seems to have been the thought process driving the developers of Contiq, a sales presentation software. This SaaS product “helps enterprise sales people close deals faster by recommending best performing content by stage and continually measuring its effectiveness.”

Simply put, Contiq takes away the guesswork from sales presentations. You no longer have to rely on your intuition to gauge the effectiveness of your pitch. Instead, you can make confident decisions that are backed by numbers. 

User Experience

Sign up for the web app at and get 60 days of a free trial.

Once you login, there is a quick tutorial on how to use the features. However, the UI is so well-designed that users can intuitively figure out what they should do next without any help.

Here’s how my trial went:

I created a .pptx file with just three slides and shared it with a colleague.

Right off the bat, you get an email when the deck has been opened. No more wondering whether your prospect is ignoring your deck or not. 

Here’s where it gets really interesting. When you send a deck through Contiq, it auto-creates an analytics card on your dashboard. Clicking on this card will take you to a page with detailed analytics.

On this page, you get to see:

  • How many times your deck has been opened

  • Total time spent on the deck and

  • How many times it’s been downloaded

Now imagine a world without this information. You send out a pitch for your super-awesome product and hear nothing for days! Meanwhile, you have no idea whether your pitch was even opened, much less which slide was open for the longest and why.

That’s right. Contiq also has a helpful chart using which you can study and measure the impact of each of your slides. 

If you find that readers are spending too little time on a particular slide, you can tweak your messaging to encourage engagement.

Driven By Data, Fueled By Innovation

At this point, it’s almost a cliche to say that data is the new oil. Numerous high-profile jobs have emerged with the sole purpose of making sense of this data. All this leaves those of us with little knowledge of data analytics at a huge disadvantage. 

With contiq, you get that data analytics edge and more!

In essence, by tracking the behavior of your prospect, Contiq helps you build a personalized pitch that is certain to resonate with them. This helps you to continuously monitor and adjust your sales tactics.

You can customize your deck on the fly to send to different clients using the pitch builder tool. There is no need to edit your deck on your local or Google Drive and upload it again. 

A Deal Engagement Score (DES) is assigned to every client that you send the deck to. The higher the score, the more the client has engaged with your material. This proprietary metric is great for unlocking even more buyer insights across the entire lifecycle of your deal.

Unlocking the Power of Data

You can’t really talk about data without mentioning Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

Every SaaS product out there, if not touting its cloud-native benefits, is touting its AI-ML horn.

Whether it’s really AI or a bunch of If-elif statements remains to be seen.

So, is Contiq worthy of using these AI/ML labels?

Like much of AI-powered systems Contiq, too, learns from past experiences. 

“The performance data for every sales presentation deck ever used in Contiq is stored indefinitely.”

What this means is that there is enough fodder for an AI to learn and grow. So whenever you’re pressed for time and need to send across a winning sales pitch, you can count on Contiq’s massive pitch template library to deliver for you.


As you’ve probably noticed, there isn’t a section on the downsides of Contiq. That’s because this is an extremely useful tool the likes of which we’ve never seen before. First of all, Kudos to the team that zeroed in on this particular niche problem and taking the initiative to solve it. 

From the quick dry run, I can confidently say that they’ve been quite successful.

And there’s a rather generous 30-day trial period for you to truly explore the functionalities and figure out if the tool is indeed the right fit for your enterprise goals.

So, check it out and let us know if it’s as useful as we think it is!