COVID19: Marketing Mayhem or Opportunity? The Impact of Moving B2B Marketing Online

24-Apr-2020 04:44 PM Digital Marketing

Coronavirus shook the whole world with its unprecedented effects. Almost all sectors are at a tipping point trying to cope with these effects. How does this situation affect B2B marketing? How can B2B marketing be remodeled to meet the post Corona demands? Is moving the B2B marketing online as promising as it looks?

In February and March alone, the Corona fear led to an increase in cancellations and rescheduling of several major events, with a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Marketers in home isolation are racking their brains to come up with ideas to redefine their marketing strategy. At this crucial time, it is wiser to adopt significant changes in marketing rather than playing it safe. So it makes perfect sense to move B2B marketing online and meet the crisis head-on.

General challenges faced by companies

There are certain companies, especially those in the healthcare sector and online streaming services, around the world that are positioned to benefit from this situation. However, most others are facing a number of challenges:

1. Fall in business growth rate:

The companies which were on the path to success are now finding it difficult to maintain a steady revenue. 

2. Drop in supply:

The unexpected lockdown around the world is directly impacting global supply chains. Hardware, B2C, and retailing companies are at a higher risk while software companies, even though least exposed to supply chain disruption, are also facing challenges due to the economic slowdown.

3. Travel restrictions and canceled meetings

The situation has hit travel companies the most as they are directly in the line of fire. B2B companies are none the better as most of them depend on in-person meetings/events for business development and sales.

The role of digital marketing in B2B companies

One of the main advantages of going online is the absence of face-to-face interaction, which saves a good amount of time that can be put into updating corporate websites. Digital marketing also makes the outcome of online events  measurable. This is a great opportunity to polish all the features of the company's promotion strategy like website content, SEO, content marketing, and social media. The selective building of online marketing efforts will reduce the risk and keep the company afloat in these difficult times.

Marketers should come up with ideas to deliver a personal experience to clients from a distance. The best two approaches will be conducting online events and distributing content in an event-like experience. Virtual events have shown an increase in their attendance compared to traditional events as per recent reports. This means consumers are willing to participate in online events from the comfort of their homes. This is the right time to expand your digital presence. Major event cancellations are leading to redefining digital marketing to give clients the personal experience previously provided by live events.

The ability to adapt quickly to the customers’ change in lifestyle and priorities is the biggest trait of successful brands. People are turning towards their smartphones to alleviate the feeling of boredom and isolation. And, those companies that can adapt and offer them value during this unfortunate time will win their loyalty. Customers tend to stick with companies who stuck with them. It’s simple logic. Offer customers value through top-notch content. This will help businesses overcome this situation and emerge victorious.

How to get the best out of digital marketing by taking advantage of the situation

This is the best time for marketing executives to revamp their websites in order to ensure  that their company is well presented. Reset the goals for marketing campaigns and closely evaluate the performance of past efforts. An in-depth look will help you understand the real needs, with which you can create the best digital marketing strategy exclusively during this pandemic.

This is the best opportunity to refine the following features to improve your company’s visibility and strategy:

  • Content of your website: 
    Make sure it contains the right marketing tone which applies to your audience.
  • SEO: 
    Check and optimize the search engines to widen the web traffic with improved quantity and quality.
  • Content marketing: 
    Brainstorming for new blog post ideas and writing newsletters to your customers.
  • Social media engagement: 
    Strategies to improve visibility through webinars and other online events.
  • Video: 
    Being creative to stay in the competition.


You never know what is going to happen. But it is crucial for your business to adapt quickly and overcome challenges.

Strengthening the focus on digital marketing will help to deliver the best out of these uncertain times. Moreover, this will give you a competitive advantage over those who are not fast enough to react. Even if it takes a large amount of time for you to strengthen and optimize your online marketing efforts, it will only be fruitful and will improve your overall position once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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