Display the content which makes your website stand out

27-Apr-2016 11:45 AM Content Marketing

With the proliferation of websites on every domain of the internet, your website could end up like a needle in the haystack, regardless of how unique you may think it is. You need to have good, interesting and keyword rich content to make your website visible. Very often, people believe they have a good website in their hands and that traffic will flow automatically. The problem is, it isn't that simple. We list the top 3 key ingredients to make a website appealing and successful.

Create relevant and interesting content

For instance, if you're making a website for an educational institution, your first priority should be to highlight the standard of education in the institute, not  the extra-curricular activities it offers. The latter is important but comes secondary to aspects like campus placements, faculty experience, and curriculum. Similarly for e-commerce websites, you need to personalize each page as much as possible, making the user tempted for choice. Presentation of content should be made very user-friendly with increased usage of colloquial terms and gripping user interface, so that the user feels at ease while shopping. All these factors are imperative to your website's success.

Keyword optimization

A key factor which is of utmost importance in powering your online presence but is often neglected, is making your content Search Engine Optimized (SEO). No matter how glitzy your website user interface may be or how  relevant your content might be, it won't show up on search results if it isn't rich in frequently searched keywords. Your content needs to be SEO optimized to make it visible in the search results of popular search engines.

Keep the website design in tune with your content

Though the content is the heart of a website but we can not neglect or ignore the importance of the design of a website. There is an adage we all know 'First impression is the last impression'. For websites, design is the thing which creates that first impression on the first time subscribers who may not know about the content of your website.Although the design is really pivotal to your website's success, but simply creating irrelevant colorful website will dampen the overall impact of your website. For example, if you're creating an official website for a business consulting client, the colors should be sober and text should be clearly legible with formal fonts. On the contrary, if your client is a female apparel store, then you should use bright feminine colors like pink and orange with cursive fonts to attract  the female user base. An impressive design always creates a powerful impact on the user.