Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2020

30-Sep-2019 11:26 AM Graphic Design

We are almost at the end of 2019 and the decade. Graphic design has changed in the past ten years and what was relevant then is not relevant now, and what is relevant now is sure to change in 2020 and beyond.

Whether you are a graphic designer, or someone who is looking out for graphic designers to work with, we all must be aware of these trends to keep work standards high. Here are a few top trends.

Usage of Brighter and Vivid Colors

Plain web pages, mobile applications and posters are boring. Colors create a big impression among users. Big companies are increasingly using vivid colors with lighter hues that are intense and bright. Therefore, in 2020, we will see bright and colorful elements.

Social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram X use dark shades. The color black with different tones will become a popular option in 2020 than dark blue or green.

Light with Dark Color Schemes

Established companies and ambitious startups use contrasting light and dark color schemes in their websites and their marketing collateral. They are creating multiple versions of their designs with light and dark color palettes.

Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is all black text on white background, right? Actually, it is about trimming the design down to necessary components. Attracting attention in 8 seconds is one of the principles of design and minimalism implements this principle.

There are other shades of colors increasingly being added to design. This is a far cry from the traditional minimalism. This is a new kind of minimalism dominated by colors and creativity, like the example of Spotify below.

Dynamic Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In 2020, there will be a resurgence of hand-drawn illustrations. These are not easy to copy and companies do not replicate the designs. Hand-drawn illustrations will be valuable content on your website. More companies have begun to create dynamic hand-drawn illustrations.

Mailchimp has already caught on to this trend and has grown from doodles to complicated hand-drawn designs.

Illustrations like this are added to every page on their website and their social media accounts. The project management platform Asana took a similar approach investing time in dynamic illustrations throughout their website and social media accounts.

The problem with this is that it is difficult to achieve this with many designers working across the board. These websites have illustrations that look like the handiwork of a single designer.

Well, there are many such examples like these which has caught on the trend already.

Usage of Bold Typefaces

This is an overlooked part of graphic designing, but it is one of the first things to catch your eye. Creating sophisticated bold or big handwritten fonts will be in trend in 2020, helping companies build an audience on social media and elsewhere.

Sports shoe giant Adidas uses bold fonts everywhere on their site. Their website only just adds to the visual brand they have created over the years.

Fashion brands too have started using bold and handwritten typefaces. Look at Threadless using a bold typeface.

Diet Coke uses handwritten fonts on the can and also on their promotional webpages.

Gradients and Duotones Will Make a Comeback

Monotonous designs are boring and companies are looking for variation in design. Gradient effect with duotones in images are capturing attention. It has made a comeback after graphic designers have been experimenting. These elements give depth to the design.

For Gogoro, a scooter company, the hero image is attention gbing.

We’ll be seeing plenty of gradients in 2020, not just in website designs but in company logos as well. If you’d also like to be a part of this trend and incorporate depth, dimension and drama in your logo design, check out this tutorial for designing a freeform gradient logo using Adobe Illustrator CC.

3Ds and Futuristic Designs

Though time consuming and back breaking work for designers, three-dimensional compositions is what the design world will take a plunge into. Whether it is street art, feature films, logos, or websites, drawing 3-D objects into 2-D canvas is another trend that is developing.

Usage of isometry can demonstrate the program’s effect or a general view of a terrain. In addition to this, the rise of usage of vivid colors is coinciding with the exploration of such futuristic designs, which companies are using to stand out.

Meet Graham is a project to explore how a human should look like if he/she has to survive a crash at a speed of 30KM/hr. This is 3-dimensional and interactive. Clicking on each ‘plus’ sign will explain how Graham’s body is structured.

Other examples we can give you are Mazda, which has a 3-D image of the car on the homepage and Pacemaker, which has futuristic patterns and textures.

The Use of Line Art in Illustrations

Nothing says clean, unobtrusive and elegant than a line art illustration. The trend which started off as outline typography during 2018 and 2019 has now fully evolved into illustrated line art designs and patterns.

Line art is essentially a schematic illustration style, simplified in its essence. It is a great way of adding illustrations on your website and will be seen in 2020 more than before.

Image Source: Lidia Kuzmina via Behance

Incorporating Metallic Designs

This is an ultra-trendy design scheme for brands that wish to exude luxury, class, sophistication and good taste in their designs, whether on their website, logo, business cards, etc. and which we predict will be seen in 2020 generously.

Image Source: Jackson Chang via Behance

Because the metallic design is itself very ostentatious, it requires an overall minimalistic design to complement it and tone down the design in such a way that it lends the entire attention to the metallic surface.

While gold and silver are the most popular, the metallic design scheme can use any shiny surface over matte surface as per the brand colors.

Image source: Tina Montenegro via Behance

Text and Image Masking

Minimalism with an air of mystery wrapped around it—this next design exudes exactly this. We’re talking about text and image masking, a technique that leaves a big portion of the image hidden, often showing a glimpse of it through the text on the screen.

Although this technique is nothing new, since designers are embracing minimalism this New Year, we’ll have a whole lot of text and image masking blessing our eyes.

Image Source: Vishal Katral via Behance

Well, these are some of the trends that we will see in 2020 and beyond. It is now common knowledge that designers are against plain and boring designs. Design will have a new approach.

We hope these trends will guide you in the future.If these design trends we mentioned have inspired you, contact Verbinden to know how we can help you.