How IoT Can Revolutionize Brand Marketing

31-Oct-2019 03:36 PM Digital Marketing

The world has been changing for the past decade, faster than ever. From what we know, it will keep changing at a much higher pace. IoT is here to change the way the world works, as we know it.

The changes have mostly been in the field of technology, rippling onward a series of changes and modifications to the lives of everyone across the planet. From typing out text on a number pad to speaking out instructions to your Alexa to play songs, we sure have come a long way at being lazy. 

The next phase of evolution is already here. We’re closer to the community of people living on the space ship in Wall-E, transporting ourselves everywhere on chairs and not a worry in the world, because the robots are taking care of everything. 

Internet of Things

From playlists to grocery lists, we’re in an age where we create neither. IoT has promised to make lives easier and it sure will. 
IoT, internet of things, is here to stay. IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and obviously Machine Learning are the next big things, promising to take over the world by a storm. 

Now, what is IoT? IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

In simple terms, IoT is a system that will make transferring data much easier than it is now. So, how is it going to help in marketing? Let’s see. 


Once IoT is no longer just a theory, it will be easier to collect consumer data. 

Considering a product is part of the IoT framework, and a person buys it with a form of payment which involves the internet, then the person’s data is stored as a customer of the product. 
Let’s say for the sake of an example, the product is a packet of chew toys for your puppy. The store you bought it from no longer has to communicate their sales of the chew toy to any party; it is directly and automatically stored at the company that produces these chew toys. 

The company also knows the age group your puppy falls into, your location, your gender and other information which helps them build your persona. When multiple people buy their products, they receive multiple personas, putting them together, and coming up with a consumer profile is easy as squishing mashed potato. 

IoT makes it easier for collectinf customer's data


Now that the company producing chew toys has a consumer persona, it is easier for them to streamline their distribution. The company also has details of how many pieces were sold in which locations. This helps in sending more products to the shop where the chew toy was purchased the most. 

Comapnies can analyse distrubution channels and locations better with IoT
Since the company has in-depth information on their consumers first hand, it becomes easier for the companies to split their revenues accordingly to better suit their growth. 


With IoT coming up, all companies that produce consumable products will have data on each of their consumers. This makes it easier for them to personalize the content that reaches these consumers. Every ad you see online will be personalized according to your requirements. 

Since you purchased a chew toy for your puppy, they know you’ll be needing materials which will help you in raising your dog. They will begin marketing products from their company or parent company to you. It could be food, supplements, dog beds and maybe even doggy shoes. 

Ads will be even more personalised with IoT


Customer care is a sector that would benefit immensely with IoT. 
An IoT product will notify the respective department when something is wrong with itself. Action will be taken by the department according to what needs to be done with the product to patch it back up. 

Let’s say that you recently purchased a mixer. You will not be instantly informed if any of the parts malfunction, for example the motor. You only come to know about it when you’re using the mixer and it doesn’t function properly. It is then you have to either go out and purchase it or look it up online. 

If the mixer you purchased was part of an IoT system, the mixer itself will notify the department that deals with the replacement of parts (if the department doesn’t exist, it must). Since they already have your card details, they will request you to buy it. Once you give the confirmation, it will be delivered at your doorstep. Once they amp up security, you wouldn’t even have to confirm the purchase, it’ll arrive at your doorstep when they receive the faulty part notification. 

Customer care is easier and faster with IoT

IoT is here to change lives. How it changes your life depends on how you use it. Take Black Mirror, for example, technology just makes lives easier and it’s up to us to on how to be a part of it. 
And as we are part of it, it is imperative if not advisable to adapt yourself and your marketing team to these changes. If not, you will get left behind, and it’s not a pretty picture from back there.