How To Choose The Right Image For Your Business

27-May-2016 03:26 PM Digital Marketing

Good images have proven to boost conversion rates since the dawn of the internet. A well-chosen image can go a long way in attracting visitors to your website or blog. No matter how well written your content is, it will fail to gain attention without an attractive image to supplement it. The following tips will help you immensely in choosing the right image for your business needs.

1. Emphasize on quality

A high definition image always has a profound effect on the viewer compared to a low quality one. Always choose images with over 1280 pixels as they tend to have clear visuals and look good on any website or blog.  

2. Choose catchy,colourful images

A vibrant, attractive image is what visitors and customers will remember once they see your brand logo or banner. Choose a unique image that makes your business stand out from competition to your target customers. Unique and catchy images remain in people's memories for a longer period.

3. Choose relevant images

Always include images that say something about your brand or website. Picking irrelevant images will make your customers or visitors confused. For instance, if your brand sells premium apparels, then your images must exude that premium feel to the viewer.

4. Include photos of people

A study by visual website optimizer revealed that images that included people boosted conversion rates by 95%. Photos of people help users connect emotionally with your brand. Include photos of people using your product to help your customers relate to your product.

Choosing the right image is key to attracting new potential customers to visit your site and engage in your content. Once you have the right image, visitors will interact more with your brand giving it the boost it needs.