How To Generate Leads Through Mobile Marketing

10-May-2016 11:23 AM Lead Generation

A recent Morgan Stanley survey revealed that 90% of mobile phone users have their mobile phones with them round the clock, seven days a week. Mobile users have become target audiences that marketers cannot afford to ignore. Generating more leads and  revenue among this audience through mobile phones has become strategic for successful marketers. Read on to find out how you can streamline your marketing communications to mobile users:

1.Optimize your content for the small screen

The best way to generate leads from your handheld device is to optimize all your web content in mobile format. People carry their cell phones almost every second of the day, so your content will most likely be accessed from a phone than a PC or laptop. A good way to optimize content is by compressing it into short, interesting bullet points and highlighting the important points at the top.

2.Create a customer loyalty app or program

A good way to engage with your mobile audience is to introduce customer loyalty programs. These apps should offer various types of coupons, discounts and other promotions that are received and redeemed via mobile devices. The use of location-based hardware inside every mobile device helps you make offers based on the location of your retail outlet .

3. Create a mobile survey

If you want to give a speech or presentation and want to engage your audience through their smartphones, use a tool like TwtPoll to create a poll that the audience can respond to via their devices. It's a great way to generate leads through your mobile in a B2B environment and to engage prospects with your brand.

4. Start a simple SMS campaign

Text messages have extremely high read rates compared to most marketing mediums. Since most mobile phones support SMS, you can use this feature to send text message campaigns and increase your mobile-led generation rate.

Mobile phones are great tools to generate quick leads. They help you connect to more people, and their mobility aids your business growth.