How To Integrate User Experience With Digital Marketing

24-May-2016 05:27 PM Digital Marketing

In today's age of technology, the widespread use of internet has made user experience a very important facet of your product growth. Effective digital marketing can't be achieved unless it is integrated with a positive user experience. The following methods will help businesses scale new heights by integrating digital marketing with user experience.

1. Go mobile

With the proliferation of handheld devices around the globe it's safe to say  that your marketing content will most likely be accessed from a mobile phone. Experts have deduced that 50% of all marketing content is accessed from a handheld device. Make sure all your business content run perfectly on a mobile phone to help your business can reach its potential. 

2. Go social

People love to have a good social media experience. Social media is a platform for organizations to engage with their customers and build brand loyalty. Businesses should use social platforms to interact in real time with prospects and customers. Once you know what content to share, choose the social network that best fits your company's mission.

3. Align SEO with your content

Your content should align with the metadata on every page of your website. Having a meta description that accurately describes your page's content provides relevancy to a search engine. Once the user clicks on a search result, it should lead to a page that aligns with their requirement. This relevancy translates into a better and satisfying user experience.

4. Use Analytics

Use Analytics to inform changes that affect user experience- Google Analytics is a great source of data about your site traffic from a digital marketing perspective, and it can also produce some actionable insights from a UX perspective. Checking different customer usage patterns using Google Analytics information effectively is the key to understanding how your users interact with your website and how to make improvements in experience and content that will translate into better search engine rankings through your organic optimization efforts. 

Digital marketing and user experience go hand-in-hand in helping your business grow in the right direction. Maintaining a symbiotic relationship between the two is the key to integrating a good user experience successfully with your digital marketing goals.