How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

03-May-2018 05:10 PM Social Media Marketing

You’ve started a Youtube Channel, but you’re not getting enough views and you begin to wonder what you are doing wrong. Is it the quality of your videos that is causing the lack of views or something else? Before you jump to more conclusions, let us ask you this — is your channel optimized?

If you optimize your YouTube channel, you will get rewards in the form of better engagement, which will lead to more views. The YouTube algorithm will pick up the optimization and create more visibility for your channel. So, here are some tips and tricks which you can use to optimize your channel:

Optimize the Look and Feel of Your Homepage

The first thing that your viewer will look up after liking one of your videos, is your channel’s homepage. Hence, it is important that you optimize it. Take out some time to make your homepage look good and organize it to look relevant to the content of your channel. Your profile picture is going to be the icon of your channel, so choose an image which is easy to identify. Pick a channel art that is intriguing and relevant, but at the same time should not be too revealing. Add a Channel Trailer, it should encompass everything your channel stands for, and keep it subtle.

Create Playlists

Pick some of your best videos on YouTube and create a playlist. You can create about ten playlists on YouTube. Make sure that your playlist titles are relevant to the videos that will be featured in them. This will increase visibility for your videos as your viewers will now have the option to binge watch all your videos in a row.

Collaborate and Add Channels

As a novice YouTuber, it is advisable to collaborate with another person. This benefits both parties as it creates more visibility for both channels. It is also important to add the other channels as featured channels on your homepage. The YouTube algorithm will pick up these featured channels and suggest them to your viewers when they like or view your videos. This will also work in your favor, as the algorithm will do the same for your videos if the viewers like or view videos from your featured channels.

Optimize the SEO of Your Channel and Videos

SEO is important, not just for blogs, articles, or websites, but also for videos. Search for keywords related to the topics and include them in your meta titles, tags, descriptions, and videos. The YouTube algorithm will trace the keywords and highlight your content when someone searches for related topics.

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your content for the world to see. But, if you have to turn pro, the above points can help you maintain as well as market your Channel. Hope you found this article helpful. Keep streaming!