How To Write A Good Marketing Email

12-May-2016 12:55 PM Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way in the past few years. A well written email can do wonders in generating more subscribers for your product. So how do you draft that  email that can engage all your readers? To find out, read on.

Include a catchy subject line

A catchy subject line can really grab the reader's attention in his inbox and pave the way for further reading. Using actionable verbs like "take," "download," or "get" in the subject line can get the reader interested in the contents of the email.

Write for your target market

The more you identify your target market through market research, the better you can tailor the email-marketing messages to meet their needs and solve their problems. Content relevance is key in gaining email marketing success. If your content is tailored to suit the reader, it can generate better response.

Write in the second person

Writing in the second person with increased use of pronouns like "you", "your" and "yours" creates more emphasis on the reader, making them more interested in reading your email. Orienting the copy towards the reader rather than yourself makes for greater involvement from the reader and more successful emails.

Keep it simple

A good way to get the reader's attention is to keep the email simple. Avoid overwhelming readers with abnormally long paragraphs and chunks of accumulated text. Breaking up your text copy with good subheads, bulleted lists, and small bits of information will allow readers to quickly grasp your main message.

Talk about future benefits

Let your customers know about the benefits and potential of your products by describing about them. Let them know what your product or services are capable of and generate an interest in them.

Email marketing requires careful consideration of the above mentioned points, which if followed thoroughly, can improve the chances of success for your marketing efforts.