25-Jul-2016 05:29 PM Email Marketing

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? 300? 800? Even after a little Gmail spring cleaning, there are still tons of emails that are unopened! People are inundated with boatloads of information - more than ever before in history. Coupons, daily deal sites, newsletters, password resets, lead nurturing emails, social media notifications, invitations to friends' parties, and maybe even a few emails from your mom. That's a lot to sift through, never mind actually opening.

A great email is worthless if it doesn't see the light of the day. The chances of your email being ignored are pretty high - unless of course, you have an enticing subject line. Here are five sure-fire ways to make your email subject lines absolutely irresistible.

Name matters

Who doesn't love personalised marketing? Seeing one's name on the subject line usually creates an interest towards what lies inside. This clearly confirms in the recipient's mind that he or she is the right person for your email and is qualified to gain value from it. The from name can be as important as the subject line, because subscribers won't open emails from people they don't recognize. Use the from name to say who you are as the sender, and keep it consistent over time. Eg: Happy Birthday Mary, we've got a surprise for you! Hey Suresh, have you paid your electricity bill?

Create urgency

Another effective technique for increasing your email open rates is to create a sense of urgency. And nothing conveys a sense of urgency quite like a deadline. Reinforce the deadline in your email subject line or headline, the body copy and in the call-to-action. Use words such as "ends tomorrow," "good until 3/3/15," or "offer expires Thursday".The "fear of missing out" is real, and no one wants to miss out on something good. You need to make the recipients feel they absolutely must open your email this very second. Entice them. Excite them. Thrill them.

Length Guidelines

While it's important to make your subject line clear, it's also helpful to keep them short.You don't have a lot of room to work with here. However, you might find different subject line lengths work best for you. Or, different lengths may work better for different types of messages. Most people quickly scan subject lines to decide if they'll open or ignore the email, so don't expect subscribers to dig through your subject line to figure out if they're interested. Aim for a length of  50 characters or less.

The best sales email subject lines are creative, interest-provoking, and informative without giving too much away. Writing the perfect subject line is no small feat, but these tips should help. Let your open and response rates skyrocket!