Instagram feed update: What businesses should do

31-Mar-2016 03:34 PM Latest Trends

Facebook and Twitter have got their makeover, why should Instagram be left behind! Recent news about the Instagram feed update has alarmed small and big businesses that consider Instagram as an  important social media platform for their company's growth. With the latest  update, Instagram has changed its feeds from strictly reverse chronological to algorithm-based feeds. This whole idea is based on what its users care about the most.

Instagram had been working as an open platform for promoting brands without investing money, from the very beginning. But with its new algorithm-based feed, it might become a difficult place for any brand or business organizations if they don't take proper steps NOW. The businesses and marketers will have to create truly  relevant content to survive a healthy competition on Instagram.

The positive side: Sustaining business on Instagram

If you own a business that is quite dependent on the behavior of your Instagram followers, then this is for you. As it is well understood now that posting very frequently on Instagram would not help you much to crawl up the feeds, this surely gives a way to conclude that a relatively small number of followers can make a big impact on your business. And, these followers will be those who keep showing some kind of activities on the posts that you upload with activities such as liking, commenting or sharing. These most active people are going to see what you have to share and will, most probably, be the ones taking relevant actions over them. So, with the new algorithm update,  Instagram will procure the most interesting content at the top of your home page automatically based on 'LIKES' and other activities.

Cutting the long story short, this is a positive sign. You'll get to engage with the focused audience, and usage of time, creativity and resources will come down as you won't have to create and post innumerous images and videos anymore.

A study says that engagement from Instagram users is almost 10 times greater than the other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since Instagram is completely a visual medium, if your business can express well on this platform, it could be an opportunity you to grab that extra engagement and top the feeds by creating high-quality photos and videos that attract the attention of people. It finally translates into the monetary value per user and per engagement. So, it is time to plan your Instagram strategy and start implementing the same for keeping up the pace of your business growth.

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