Instagram's latest upgrade: Video carousel ads!

04-May-2016 09:15 PM Latest Trends

Videos, videos, everywhere... Yes, this is what one who is closely observing or involved with the content trends in the online space feels. So, what next with online videos?

After the success of the photo carousel ads, launched a year ago, the picture-sharing social media platform Instagram has come up with its next major upgrade: Video carousel ads. Starting today, brands can leverage this new feature to put together as many as six tiny video ads on Instagram.

Surely a great news for brands that have taken to videos to wow customers, and also those that are starting to realize the advantage short promotional videos give to their business. Global brands Airbnb, Macy's, and Taco Bell are the first to use Instagram's video ads.

So what is this new feature introduced by Instagram and how it works?

Here are a few initial details of the just-launched upgrade that has reinforced the belief that the world is going the video way:

Simply put, Instagram's video carousel ads are multiple videos in a single ad. A carousel can be the videos or a mix of clips and photos. Each carousel ad can have three to five pieces of media content inside. The maximum duration of each video doesn't exceed 60 seconds. The users can swipe on the default the carousel cover to see other media content in the mix. So, a lot of viewable content can be put together within the tight ad space.

The advantage for the brands is that they can string together different moments and perspectives about their products and services they wish to promote. It is always the short videos that click and they come with a constraint of not being able to express more. Now, each video can be packed with one central message and have more number of videos, giving people an option to choose what they want to see.    

Leveraging the video trend

Given Instagram's 40% growth earlier this year from video adverts alone, it's not hard to figure out why the company which is part of Facebook that first introduced the carousel feature launched carousel video ads. It also indicates how visual content, which is interesting to watch, easy to understand and stays in one's memory for long, is becoming the mainstream content format on social media platforms.     

The numbers say that over 100 million hours of videos are being watched on Facebook every single day and 1.2 million videos being watched every second! This explains the rush to put up explanatory videos, instructional clips and video ads everywhere. It is also the reason that has prompted Instagram to launch carousel video ads.

Brands, did you take note of the new opportunity?