Interactive Content Leads Digital Marketing

26-Sep-2017 06:05 PM Digital Marketing

Unless you have been holidaying on some remote island or taken a sudden liking for space travel, you wouldn't have missed the buzz surrounding interactive content. Being touted as the future of digital marketing, it enables real-time customer interaction with your brand or product.

It has always been the case with us. As kids, we always loved those classes at school where we got the chance to create something new or show our creative side and a bit of appreciation was all that was required to push us to our next creative assignment. Human life is defined by interactions and communication. Same is the case with digital marketing. You certainly would have tried online assessments and quizzes. Quizzes are best examples for interactive content. Thinking of generating leads via quizzes? There are interactive infographics, polls or surveys, contests, podcasts, webinars, and much more which serve the essential purpose of digital marketing - action.

Meaningful, relevant, and thought-provoking interaction is a great way to engage your audience and as a brand that's what you should aim for.

Therefore, it is not merely content consumption that's taking place. There's participation which leads to results and knowledge which are useful to people. It just elevates the user experience, while at the same time captures invaluable audience behavior and data for the marketer.

The sea of content out there in the open is vast, and this poses a Herculean challenge for marketers in finding out exactly where their audience preferences lie. Putting content out there in a space full of noise and clutter means the probability of being heard is less. So, to get your audience hooked to your content, it must offer unique content and experience that engages the audience. Enter interactive content, and the probability of being heard rises drastically.

This marks the beginning of customer engagement. They are not looking for anything else. They are just looking for some fun and engagement, and are seeking some answers. Once you provide them with these essential facts, a bond develops, which leads to a long-lasting relationship, and that's how a brand grows. The most important need is to connect with your audience which will lead to further business growth. This article by Insane Growth outlines the steps that you can take to do just that.

Today, with content marketing ruling the online space, marketers often measure their success regarding engaging their customers, be it shares, clicks, or views. They also realize that building brand affinity is a challenge in itself and if approached well could lead to increased sales and in turn increased business.

In the digital marketing space, engaging a customer is the first step and making the prospective customer emotionally involved is like hitting the bull's eye. It takes a lot of creativity and effort, but that's where the true fun lies. According to nearly every survey, engaging a prospective customer is among the toughest challenges, and it takes a lot of effort to get it right.

A perfect blend of media, interactive and engaging narrative, and visual storytelling sets interactive content apart from the rest. A compelling story is never easy to develop but unenthusiastic as it may sound, nothing comes easy in life. Whether you're trying to sell a cricket bat or a CRM solution, when you weave a story around the content that's worth telling, then you'll always have a customer base that is happy to go with you.

There are many examples that have stood the test of time and carved a permanent place in our psyche. Google, Coke, Nike are just to name a few, and the list can go on and on and on...

As a digital marketer, when you're relevant, unique, funny, and informative, results will follow because no one can ever imagine living in a world which is devoid of interaction and communication.