It’s Okay To Be An Introverted Leader

13-Apr-2018 09:40 AM Leadership

Being outspoken and able to communicate properly with your team is important for leaders. If a leader can communicate the organization’s goals and objectives properly,  she/he can inspire her/his employees to do well. But, if a leader finds it uncomfortable to communicate then inspiring a team can be quite difficult. Unfortunately, 69% managers feel uncomfortable while communicating with their employees.

And, it should come off as no surprise as there are more introverts in the corporate sector now than before. Currently, the corporate demographic is diverse, comprising of introverts, extroverts, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y (millennials). So, if you are an introverted leader and have trouble communicating with your team, don’t worry, because there are certain steps you can take to lead your team.

Play To Your Strengths

Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates is a classic example of an introverted leader. Susan Cain, the author of the book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, pegs Bill Gates as an introvert. She claims that he is usually “quiet and bookish” but when it comes to business he is “unphased and outspoken.” This is someone you can take inspiration from to be better at communicating — you don’t have to talk all the time, just talk when it matters.   

Manage The Spotlight Like a Pro

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva, came out as an introvert via his Twitter account on August 11, 2008. Considering his position and media image, it may seem hard to believe. But, he made it clear that he simply does it because it is a part of his job. Similarly, it might be tough for you too, but if you can view your position simply as a part of your job, things will become easier for you.

Discipline Yourself

As hard as it may be to believe, Marissa Mayer, Information & Technology Executive and former CEO and President of Yahoo, is actually an introvert. After her interview with Vogue, it was revealed that she is actually introverted and doesn’t really like being a people person. However, she has managed to handle all of that by learning to discipline herself. You can do the same, you don’t really have to be a people person to lead them, you can just discipline yourself. When you have trouble communicating, you can just discipline yourself to listen and speak when you have to. Afterall, communication consists of two things—listening and speaking.

Being an introvert does not mean that you can’t lead. People like Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, and Marissa Mayer have already proven this fact. If they can, so can you.