Landing Page Hacks that Boost your Online Marketing

21-Aug-2019 05:24 PM Digital Marketing

A landing page is a marketing tool to keep potential customers focused on the product or service, and increase the chance of converting them.

You have a successful marketing digital campaign. Maybe you are promoting your SaaS product. You have a lot of traffic to your website. However, you do not have a landing page for people to visit. If you have a landing page, prospects need not look at every page in your website trying to learn about your product or service. Which means, landing pages are crucial to your digital marketing effort.

Landing pages are any web page that visitors land on. However, let us talk of a dedicated landing page for your online marketing. Landing pages can be on the same website or a standalone web page dedicated for a particular product.

Landing pages are focused, self-explanatory, usually organized and conversational, and provide value for a specific audience. They usually connect with the audience and convert if making sales is the goal. The purpose of landing pages vary from newsletter signups, petition signature, job application, membership, and product sales.

The more landing pages your website has, the more the conversion. According to Hubspot, the website with at about 5 to 15 landing pages will have up to 55% conversion rate. Those with more than 40 landing pages, conversions will go upwards of 500%.

Designing a Landing Page

Landing pages can be used by portals, blogs, or news websites to provide information on a single, specific topic for users. Landing pages are a good opportunity to showcase products, attract new customers, and also increase sales.

However, landing pages are not a replacement to your online store or product information page. They are built with the sole purpose of turning incoming traffic into leads. Here are some of the best practices to create an effective landing page.

Write clear content with compelling headlines and good typography

The first impression happens with clear messaging. A landing page must have a clear title with short readable content revealing the nature of the product. Cheesy lines on the title will give your audience no choice than to click on the exit button. Let the landing page have a short title, a clear description of the product or the service and a call-to-action (CTA) button below.

Considering the example of Slack Enterprise, the heading is clear, and there is a short description of the product along with two CTA buttons, namely, Get Started and Contact Sales.

Notice the text is easy and comfortable to read. Readability depends on the distance between the letters, font characteristics, and paragraph size. The readability of the content is equally important as the quality of the content.

Have a clear structure for your content

It is important to have a structure for your landing page. The logical sequence should keep visitors hooked to the message until the CTA button. You may use brightly colored photos of the product to entice visitors. Usually, the logical sequence of the landing page is as follows:

  • Catchy headline
  • Relevant image with a short description
  • CTA button or a contact form
  • Features of the product or service
  • Case studies, reviews or testimonials
  • Social media profiles

The landing page for Freshdesk includes noticeable CTA, and general information about the product. If Freshworks did not know why they wanted a landing page and what to have on it, they would not be a well-known company.

Keep design simple

WordPress has a simple design and content that appeals to a broader audience. Their landing page is clear to anyone who wants to start blogging whether they are familiar with WordPress’s Content Management System (CMS) or not.

Do not overload the landing page with a lot of information, images and CTAs. Make navigation easy for the users. WordPress encourages visitors to sign up, which is the main action and not scare them away.

Improve loading speed

All the content and design hacks in the world will not save your marketing campaign if your landing page loads too slow. How slow is too slow? 3 seconds. Images are the top reasons why your landing page loads slowly. Keep graphics to a minimum.

Edit the width and height of the images, then compress them before uploading to the website. There are online tools to check the loading speed of your website. On the coding level, optimize it by removing unused characters, comments, and unused code. This will dramatically increase the speed.

Have a mobile responsive design

Gone are the days where websites were made only for desktops, leaving mobile users with unresponsive websites. A 100% responsive landing page displays correctly on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

Design must be SEO adaptive

Landing pages must use SEO to attract visitors. Along with a clean design and content, use valid SEO-adaptive content in your HTML codes.

Use chatbots to speed up conversion

Chatbots provide customer satisfaction, retain customers, and cut down on human errors. Integrate chatbots to your website and improve user correspondences with your company.

Professional landing pages will sell your product or service quickly, and they provide a strong motivation for users to click on the Know More button. Stay focused on the content of the landing page to prevent the users from leaving. Keep design minimal and the page light. Moreover, the page should not have unnecessary code that will prevent landing pages from loading quickly. At the end, A/B test your landing page before making it public.

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