Lead Generation Content Marketing for Hyperautomaation Companies

27-Nov-2020 05:58 PM Lead Generation

Lead Generation: Content Marketing for Hyperautomation Companies  

The word "hyperautomation" is on everybody's lips right now. With the COVID-19 pandemic's economic impact, it seems that hyperautomation is more critical now than ever. Read this blog to find out what hyperautomation really is and how can content marketing help hyperautomation companies with potential lead generation. 

Experts identify hyperautomation as a business-driven, iterative, and disciplined approach to automation. We need DigitalOps Toolbox to achieve hyperautomation in various business fragments, and to achieve this; we need to scale up beyond RPA, which is, in fact, a tool of hyperautomation. To automate a complex business process, we have Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), working in harmony. 

A key investment for CIOs and their companies is automation, a diverse range of technologies ranging from robotic process automation (RPA) to continuous delivery (CD) to hybrid cloud management and beyond. Automation is changing the work of human, who are gradually seeing machines replacing their rotary, routine activities. Forrester forecasts a sea shift in automation organisational teams in 2020. 

Content Marketing & Lead Generation   

The marketing environment is evolving, with the attention switching to digital marketing from conventional marketing methods. Enterprises must understand that this new paradigm is necessary to stay relevant and to avoid falling behind rivals. The new approach focuses on partnerships with clients and aims to retain and build loyal clients. 
A new approach to create trustworthy customer relationships is through the use of content marketing, which means delivering useful content knowledge to consumers who are loyal, and allowing two-way communication. For businesses in developing effective content marketing, knowing how customers view content and why they want to engage is essential. 
We need to educate our potential customers for a relatively new set of strategic trends such as hyperautomation by attracting them with useful and insightful content. Hyperautomation can be used by the healthcare, mobility, and banking industries to revolutionize our environment. It takes a lot of time to prepare for major players to become conscious of hyper-automation. These content marketing practices are divided into three stages for lead generation. 

A Glance at Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is quite a task for every new product or service while launching them. To develop an organic connection with potential leads, we need a strong campaign strategy. Initially, we can consider running some Facebook Ad campaigns to identify user preference, and later we can act according to user feedback. 

A couple of content-driven ad campaigns will give clarity about the preferences of our potential clients. As a second step, we should start interacting with them frequently through social media posts, emailer campaign activities, and educative content in the form of white papers and webinars. 

Frequent interaction through social media platforms and organizing webinars, panel discussions, and paper presentations can accelerate the process. Once we know their insights, it is easy for us to share ideas available to grow each other. 

Lead generation  

Immediately after brand promotional activities, companies should be informed about the significance of hyperautomation and the ease that it could bring into each business. We can share short explainer videos, infographics, and so on exclusively with them. We are building a strong base on the product with deeper insights by including their business's future efficiency and productivity. Eventually, product demo and free subscription offer through email marketing for short periods can enhance a chance to win a client out of the potential lead. 

Client nurturing  

 The psychological state of a customer is created through first hand experiences, meaning the customer must in some way interact with an agent/object. Rather than selling a product once, we should focus on sustainable business relationship with our customers. To achieve this, we need a proper customer engagement plan. Here are some of the value-added customer engagement activities using content marketing.  
Monthly newsletter: A monthly newsletter revolving around the core topic and related news updates can help us engage existing client in a better way.   
Sales campaigns through email marketing: We can make use of emailer marketing to do sales activities. There are a lot of activities that are way too powerful and fruitful. We can track the activities using suitable CRM tool.  
Testimonials or customer generated content: Customer satisfaction and their true testimonials are invaluable for every new product; it pushes the product reach to a wider world. Make sure we use these testimonials in social media campaigns as well as in special landing pages.   
Social media activities with client: Testimonials or customer experiences can be shared through the social handle with followers. Make sure it is eye catchy in all level so that user engagement will be high.  
These are few of the activities that are useful for hyperautomation companies to stay relevant.  
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