Making a Human Out of Bot!

22-Dec-2017 04:30 PM Chatbots

What is that one thing that sets us humans apart from other living beings? The ability to converse. We humans are driven to talk and love to engage in conversations. This is one of the reasons why chatbots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) don’t click. While they are an efficient marketing tool, customers tend to feel that chatbots are not efficient enough to deal with human emotions. Many feel that bots are too mechanical or robotic while dealing with customers.

A recent study report published in Business Standard said that nearly four out of five customers in India prefer human chat agents to solve their problems for their smarter solutions than their chatbot counterparts. Also, customers complain that bots can't handle complex requests, understand human emotions or deliver personalized offers as well as humans.

While bots are the best when it comes to IQ (intelligence quotient), it is also necessary to train them to have some EQ (emotional quotient). Here are a few tips about how to humanize your bot:

Talk to your audience 

When Microsoft created the ‘desi’ Ruuh (an AI-powered chatbot on Facebook messenger with a female avatar), they made sure that it matches with the sense and sensibilities of their target Indian audience, the urban youth. If you have ever had a conversation with Ruuh, you realize that her tone, language, mannerisms, slang, etc., is similar to the Indian youth.

Going by this example, we think that it is crucial to understand and research your audience first and give a personality to your chatbot that will connect well with them.

Don’t be so cold

Most of the time, customers feel that the conversations with chatbots feel rehearsed, mechanical or cold. It is always a good idea to add some emotional element while training your bot conversations. Avoid stoic phrases like “Please get in touch with the manager” or “You can get more information on our website”. Instead add some warmth and personal touch by saying “I am sorry to hear that, let me help you get in touch with my manager” or “ Wow, I am excited that you would like to know more about us”.

Give your bot a life

It’s not enough to give your chatbot a name, you also need to add a personality to it. Everyone knows bots are intelligent, but you can also make them smart, funny, or loveable. Instead of having simple, straightforward Q & A type conversations, train your bot with jokes, famous quotes, anecdotes etc. This will interest your customers to engage and converse more with your bot.

A chatbot with a human approach will help you build strong customer engagements and bring brand loyalty. Wizibots brings you that personalized customer experience by having your own bots that are powerful with natural language understanding, cognitive capabilities, and emotional intelligence.