Newsletter can help build your business

30-Jun-2016 03:22 PM Email Marketing

Building a customer base for your company is one thing, but client retention is another aspect that companies have to keep in mind. Although there are multiple ways to engage customers within your website, one that seems to work well is a newsletter.
Newsletters are great to keep your customer base updated about information regarding your company, new products and services, reviews, tips and announcements. As long as these aren't filled with lot of ads, readers will appreciate any free information given to them.
Once readers sign up for your newsletters, they are automatically engaged and do not have to face the hassle of visiting the website each time they need to update themselves about the company.
To the reader, this is a matter of convenience, as the information is offered to them with little intervention. This is also a great way for you to  target new customers based on the information they provide while signing up for your newsletter.
Today, e-newsletters offer great impact in terms of cost optimization, better reach, easy tracking, improved engagement and so on.

10 Tips for a Great Newsletter:

Create an awesome subject line

You need to come up with a subject line that is short and sweet at the same time. Long subject lines get lost in the vast ocean of mails in an inbox, so it is necessary that you let the reader know in a few interesting words what your newsletter is all about.

Keep your audience in mind 

Your newsletter content should be created based on the interests and likes of your target audience so that you can reach them better. Understanding your audience is key to building and retaining your customer base.     

Give it a personality

Come up with a template that resembles what your brand is all about. People should be able to identify that it is your brand at one glance.

Don't stuff content 

People find it troublesome to keep scrolling till the end only to find out there's more content left. Keep it short and simple. Put in hyperlinks so that it doesn't seem too stuffy.

Keep an eye on analytics

It is best to track your newsletter statistics to find out the average click and open rates and decide on the best day to send out the newsletter. It doesn't make sense to send it out every month if no one ends up reading it.     

Be careful about grammar

Make sure you proofread it before sending it out. grammar and typo errors can be a huge turnoff, especially when you've just began your business. Give readers the impression that you're the best they've got.     

Don't forget the 'Unsubscribe' button

Give your readers the freedom to choose you. If they feel like they don't need what you offer, let them unsubscribe. This would also help in reducing email bounce rates to a large extent.

Don't spam them

Sending a weekly newsletter might update the reader better, but they only feel suffocated when they're bombarded with a lot of information. Keep the emails minimal so that they don't mark you as spam.

Give them something 

Free e-books, videos, promo codes, coupons are a great way to attract readers and generate more leads. Don't expect your readers to only read messages about your company, business or sponsors. Give them more- people love freebies anyday!

Be consistent

Be regular in engaging and updating your readers. If you want to show them that you care, you better be there. However, if you don't have something worthwhile to share you should then wait until you find something interesting to write about.

There you go! Now that you have some amazing tips in hand, go ahead and make your newsletter a winner!