First, let's try to understand what's meant by a "Social Media Campaign". As the name implies, it is an attempt to make your post's presence known and felt on social media through a string of posts that are catchy and interesting.

The posts need to appear on various social media platforms that are popular. You could also initiate a targeted email campaign that attracts the users' attention to your blog posts that you created painstakingly.

Of course, you can't just post your blog and sit back, expecting a lot of people to read and appreciate it.  You can't expect anyone looking for your blogs, infographics, GIFs and other such posts. Bar a few users stumbling onto any of your posts, they will largely go unnoticed.

So, how do you make the online world aware of your posts on social media? You need to plan a step-by-step campaign that make your posts visible and makes the online community aware of it.

Here are 5 key ways to unlocking a successful social media campaign:


Every achiever once set goals and worked to achieve it. Social media is no different. You need to first set yourself a definite goal and then go about achieving it. Whether it is a product or service that you wish to popularize through your post, or simply popularizing your blog and having more people reading it, your goal must be clear.

Remember that defining your goal is as important as the goal itself, and you need to focus on this right from day one, which makes managing the process an easy task. Also, devise your own method for monitoring your goal and keep reviewing your efforts regularly. This helps you change your strategy, if required and ultimately achieve your goal.

Simply create an Excel sheet with what blogs you will post on social media on which date and what you want to achieve. Record the numbers achieved after a few days and determine if you have achieved the goal or not.


It is important to always keep in mind the purpose of your social media campaign. While your content must be relevant and interesting, you should also make sure that it features your call to action at strategic places throughout.

There is a call-to-action in every advertisement. Be it on television, radio, or print media. This aspect of advertising campaigns has not changed. Remember that you need to guide your users purposefully, but ever so gently that they don't realize what they've done until they have actually done it.

This could be either subscribing to your email newsletters or something more direct like urging them to click on a button that leads them to place an order for a product or service. Users will never know your intentions until you coax them into doing something (acting on your call).


One of the unsaid basic rules for any social media campaign is the usage of a plethora of platforms to promote content. Most people make the mistake of choosing any one platform that is popular and ignore the others. Although this will produce some results initially, for a sustained and successful campaign, you need a better spread.

Presence in multiple platforms will enable you to reach out to a broader cross-section of users, as each social media platform is known for its strong points and your target audience could be active on any of those. Also, keep in mind that you need to make slight modifications in your campaign to suit each platform.

However, a route to failure is trying to spread yourself too wide and too thin. At least four or five social media platforms is the most ideal. Posting in twenty different social media platforms is not worth the effort and is a waste of your valuable time too, the time you could use to work on something worthwhile.


Although you need to make slight modifications in your campaign for each platform, your product or service remains the same and maintaining a brand uniformity helps get noticed all over the social media.

The images you choose to portray your brand must be close-knit and also must maintain the cohesiveness that is important for the success of your campaign. Content, including images, needs to be specially created for your social media campaign and cannot be used randomly.

Trying to cut costs by reusing your content or images does not make sense. Maintaining uniqueness for your brand itself is a USP that helps gain definite results. You must also provide the proper url.

For example, if your brand is called Cool Jam and the url of your website is cooljam.net, you must provide the url in proper on the images that you post on your social media channels. If someone searching for your brand online and if they stumble upon cooljam.com, it is a waste of your marketing efforts.


The success of your campaign hangs on its timing. You need to have a definite schedule, that is properly coordinated to maximize results. A consistent campaign is taken note of and seldom misses the target. Posting blogs randomly with no definite schedule cannot produce the desired results.

Look in Twitter or Facebook. Some of the popular pages post at least once or twice a day and at a particular time in the evening or early morning (which is the time people are most active on social media).

Moreover, you need to strike a balance with all the platforms you are going to use, never yielding to the urge to depend more on one platform for any reason whatsoever. You may think a campaign would do well on Facebook and LinkedIn and focus more on both, but you may get similar or better results with Pinterest and Twitter as well.

A well-scheduled, all-inclusive (platforms) campaign will help you see success sooner than you imagined.

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