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  • March 18, 2024

Your blog is a marketing collateral and a platform to showcase your knowledge. Doing it right will put your marketing efforts in the driver's seat.

If you are the content writer, editor, or the SEO specialist in your company, read further to get blog writing tips that will help you create awesome blog posts.

1. Research Keywords

Keyword research is the key to churn out SEO-optimized article. There are tools to help you with it. When people search using that keyword, your blog will show up in the results.

2. Write an Attractive Title

If your title is weak regardless of how much time you put into your writing, people will not click on your blog posts. Take some time to create attractive blog topics. For example,

Ordinary title: What I Know About Starting a Crafts Business

Better title: Advice for New Entrepreneurs About Growing Their Crafts Business

The second title is enticing for entrepreneurs to read further, right? To make the title attractive:

  • It must be persuasive and descriptive
  • You must add keywords in the title to optimize it for search engines

After creating the title, use https://headlines.sharethrough.com/ to check the quality.

3. Prepare an Outline

The outline for your blog is like a blueprint. Writing a simple outline of points will enable you to cover important points and then build content. Doing this will get you into the "zone" of writing and you will also finish the articles quicker.

4. Write the Post - Also Add Headings and Subheadings

Yes, write it. But how, you ask? Write like you are talking. Make it informative and encouraging enough for them to spend the next three minutes on it. Divide the text into small readable blocks by adding headings and subheadings.

Each of these blocks must have about 5 - 6 lines of text. Most blog visitors are scanners. They will read the whole article only if they can digest what they read in each individual blocks of text.

5. Proofread and Fix Grammatical Errors

To err is human, and so grammar mistakes and spelling errors are common. After writing the article, read your article aloud, or get your peers to read it.

Most word processors can correct grammatical errors on its own. Spell-check tools like Grammarly can minimize spelling errors.

6. Deep Link to Other Posts

If you have written blog posts in the past, chances are that you have built a list of posts about similar topic or topics which will support the current topic. Linking to past posts will help readers learn more and stay longer on your website.

7. Use Images and Optimize it

Images aren' that important because people hate visual content, said no one ever. A good blog post is a combination of all kinds of content, namely, text, visual, videos, charts and slides.

Images are an important element of any blog. Use the tips below to optimize your images and drive traffic to your blog.

  • Use an image compressor like tinyjpg to reduce the image size
  • Create templates for images on an image design tool - use the same font, colors, and design
  • Add images that support your topic
  • Create vertical (shareable on Facebook and Twitter) image (infographic) and an accompanying horizontal image (shareable on Pinterest)
  • Use SEO-ready images - Instead of IMG_424.jpg, rename to what is in the picture
  • Use the Alt text while adding images in your WordPress Media Library
  • Add featured image on the WordPress editor

8. Optimize Content for Search Engines

If you are using WordPress, chances are you will use Yoast to optimize your content for search engines. To do this, add the keyword to the SEO title, the meta description and throughout the blog content.

9. Use Call-to-action (CTA)

Adding a CTA will not only help you build an email list for your business, it will tell the readers that there is something valuable for them. These call-to-action buttons are nice to click on, right?

It is a key ingredient for effective content marketing which will lead to conversions, revenue, and profit (profit means cake and champagne for all).

So, these are 9 things you must certainly do to make your blog post awesome.

If you want to skip this hassle, we can help you. We believe that content is the heart of businesses today.

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