• May 10, 2016

Being a successful social media marketer can be tough, especially if your business is a novice on digital networking platforms. However, following a smart social media strategy can help, to simplify and streamline your social media activities.
Here are some tips to help you draft a rewarding social media strategy:

1. Define your target audience

It helps to know whose attention you are trying to grab through a social media presence. Typically, your target audience involves your existing and prospective customers. Defining your target audience involves understanding demographics such as the age, sex, location, and occupation of this audience. It is also important to understand their specific needs, or what they may be looking for on social media.

2. Build a list of keywords that are relevant to the target audience

Once you know the needs of your target audience, it gets easier to draft your content in a way that appeals to them. Use keywords that are search engine optimized (SEO). Make a list of potential keywords including different variations of all keywords that you can use. This list should be reviewed and updated on a monthly basis, to stay relevant to the target market.

3. Build a blog

Running a blog is an easy way to top online searches, and to engage with key audiences. Be consistent with blogging. As always, keep in mind the needs of your audience while creating blog content.

4. Select your social media network

Your content does not have to be present across all social media platforms. Identify and focus on social platforms that work best for your business and your market. While choosing a social network, consider factors such as the time and resources that a specific social media network may involve, as well as whether your target audience is active on that network.

5. Work out a posting strategy

Make a plan about what time of the day you would make a post, how often you would post, and what you would post.

6. Analyze and follow up

Have a system in place to analyze the effectiveness of your plan and the feedbacks you receive. Rework on your plan to keep your social media presence alive and purposeful.

7. Keep an eye on competition

This helps you learn from what your competitors are doing right, and learn from their successful plans. Your social media strategy needs to evolve constantly to suit your changing market needs. Staying tuned to your market needs is fundamental to the success of your plan.

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