While measuring employee productivity, office atmosphere is definitely a factor worth observing. The atmosphere and ambience of an office goes a long way in defining the productivity and output of the workforce. This includes: appearance and comfortability.

The appearance of the office is based on the design of the office. Furniture placement, lighting, and desk clutter are a few concerns that should rank high on the priority list of creating a productive atmosphere and it acquires greater importance when you are working in the creative space.

With appearance comes a level of comfort. While appearance and office design is important, it shouldn't be held higher than comfort, especially because the office is typically a place where employees spend more than 45 hours a week.


As mentioned above, furniture placement, lighting, and desk clutter fall into office appearance. The overall set-up of an office has the ability to impact the way workers act, interact, and engage with each other in the workplace. Keeping this in mind, the office has gone in for a facelift and this has marked a perceptible change in the landscape of Verbinden Communication. The moment you enter the office, you are in for a surprise.

The dull white walls at the reception have now given way to some quirky and eye-catching graffiti providing stimulation to the grey cells of creative talents at work here. A spectacular work by Prajwal Acharya and Vidya Shree, the graffiti showcases a wide array of topics covering the entire digital marketing landscape. From Taj Mahal and Eiffel tower donning the walls, to content and design logos and social media icons floating all around, the sketch covers the entire spectrum of the digital marketing terrain. With creativity at the core of our operations, this pleasant change has taken everyone with surprise and will hopefully reflect in the quality of tasks that we do. It depicts the culmination of the past and awareness of the present leading the way for a better future.

These types of alterations to the office landscape depends on the type of work that's being done within the office, and sometimes it depends on what the employees prefer. An example is the classic cubicles versus open desks. While some employees prefer an open atmosphere, some enjoy having a closed, personal space with zero distraction. But, no matter if there's cubicles or open desks, proper lighting and creative sketches staring at you from the walls play a vital role in stimulating your grey cells to create something good and worthwhile.

Overhead lighting is good in moderation, but too much of it can be an unnecessary strain on the eyes. Depending on whether you’re working with computers, reading, or doing some other task, we should rely on other light sources if possible, such as natural lighting from windows. When choosing the best way to illuminate the office, we should take these elements into consideration: natural light, wall color and desks, and this is exactly what has been done at Verbinden to maximize the creative output.  


Comfortability is another aspect that is of utmost importance for any productive office environment. There's not much more to comfortability than providing the proper workplace comfort. The elements include:

  • Temperature
  • Noise Level
  • Amount of People
  • Air Quality
  • Desk Setting

Some of these elements may vary depending on the season, location or individual, but they're all very important in defining the overall ambiance of the place. The office atmosphere as a whole impacts productivity. If employees aren't happy, healthy and comfortable (both physically and mentally), productivity might take a hit and the office atmosphere may have to be altered.


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