If you are a blogger, whether new or seasoned, you must surely have faced every blogger's nagging dilemma: what is the ideal blogging frequency? How often should I blog to generate, sustain and grow the desired traffic for my blog post?

Some bloggers get perplexed by the common advice that one should blog every day. The answer, however, is that there are no universal rules on how many articles a blogger needs to pump out daily, weekly or monthly; to keep the traffic to the site alive. Similarly, what works for one website may not work for another.

Ideal blogging frequency, according to experts, is dependent on a number of factors. For instance, in broad terms, the blogging pattern should depend on your target reader and the objective of your blog.

Here is a list of some factors to consider while scheduling your blogs:

The Genre and Objective of Writing

How often you post a blog depends significantly on the kind of blog that you run. For instance, if you write a cookery blog, you can blog once or twice a week, while for a travel blog, you may post less frequently. However, if you manage a news or gossips blog, you will often need to write at least an article every day, if not more than that. Similarly, a marketing blog can be published in a similar rhythm, keeping in mind the target audience and competition.  

The Time you Commit to the Blog

Schedule your blogs based on the time available at hand to write the article. The key is that once you plan a schedule, you must stick to the calendar and remain consistent. This involves asking yourself as to how much you can write on a daily or weekly basis. Lack of consistency may result in you losing the reader base that you may have built. Hence, commit to a schedule only if you feel it suits you.

The Traffic Channels for your Website

Determining this step involves some analysis and strategizing. You must be able to assess the source of traffic to your blog site and plan your writing based on it. For example, if recent posts determine traffic to your blog, it is best that you do not slow down on the posting frequency.

SEO Benefits that you Aim to Achieve

Social media experts say that posting on a daily basis is good if you write often, and fill your pages with quantity. This is because a higher quantity of articles implies improved opportunities for a reader to land on your site through search engines. On the other hand, a writer should be cautious as to not compromise on the quality of writing while posting frequently. Also, when posting daily, ensure that you maintain variety and keep your posts reader-friendly.

Remember, your frequency of posting can be unique to your blog site and has to be determined based on your priorities. All goes well if you strategize your blogging schedule based on these factors, and ensure that you stick to your plan.

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