Back in the 1980s, marketing meant an in-your-face attitude, being outspoken, and having an outgoing streak, all of which are extroverted qualities. Fast forward to 2018 and the dynamics have changed drastically. Now in this digital age, a marketer needs to be well-informed about the market and articulate her/his views in a sensible and relevant way to attract customers. While extroverts are energetic and fit the archetype of a marketer, introverts are better suited for the job in this modern age.

The Power of Introversion in this Digital Age

In this era of digitization, introverts are taking over from extroverts as frontrunners and trendsetters in the market. Often dubbed as "the revenge of the nerds", the digital age is acknowledging the introverted talents, which were long ignored.

Facts vs Pitch

The extroverted approach was all about twisting facts and making use of their ability to pitch to literally sell anything under the sun; this worked in the 20th century. In the 21st century though, the market wants people who can convince customers to buy products and services by creating relevance through articulated and thoroughly researched facts. This is where introverts shine. Introverts are generally quiet, but when they speak, they always make sense. Combine that with their ability to analyze facts and articulate things in a relevant way and you have an excellent digital marketer.  

Respect for Privacy

The extroverted marketing idea is to go from person to person and convince them to buy a product or avail a service. In the earlier days, this was common but in this era where people are more concerned about their privacy, it may not be a good tactic. Now, you need someone who can convince customers without sounding overbearing and be able to persuade customers in a smooth and sensible way. This is another area where introverts shine and let us be honest, no one understands privacy more than an introvert.

Creativity and Presentation

An introvert uses finesse more than charm in selling his products. Introverts can be very creative and they know how to present their content in an attractive and eye-pleasing way. As a result, they are able to come up with better ideas on the fly and present them in a more convincing manner. As a digital marketer, these are some important skills to have.

The Art of Storytelling

This is probably one of the best qualities of an introvert, they are simply better storytellers. While an extrovert can come up with a story and present it in a dramatic way, an introvert will come up with a story and present it in a convincing and logical manner. This not only distinguishes introverts from extroverts, but also gives them the edge as digital marketers. After all, we are living in an era where customers want logical and relevant things to buy.

Authenticity Matters

With the amount of information available on the internet, it has become hard to differentiate fact from fiction. As a result, we have the truth-in-advertising ethos in place to avoid ambiguity and encourage marketers to come up with original content. Introverts are better researchers and are usually more thorough with their work, as a result avoiding ambiguity for them is not an issue. In other words, introverts can easily present more authentic content without much trouble.

Marketing has evolved from its traditional roots to the modern digital space. This evolution has brought along a lot of changes along the way and in this new era, introverts are rising to the occasion.


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