SaaS Product Marketing Trends of 2019

01-Jul-2019 02:20 PM Latest Trends

With hundreds of SaaS products being launched in 2019, and product offering ever-evolving, companies have stepped up their marketing game. These are some of the important SaaS product marketing trends of 2019.

Every business has challenges of its own, especially with Software-as-a-Service business in 2019. The time when products sell themselves is over, or maybe not. However, the way we engage with users/buyers has changed in the past few years. 2019 is no exception.

By 2020, small businesses will invest more in SaaS products. The average number of SaaS applications utilized by small businesses is anywhere between 25 to 100. The SaaS market is highly saturated today, and it is crucial for vendors to stand out in the crowd.

One of the most important aspects for small businesses is having a marketing plan that works. And since marketing has become easier in the digital age, companies can actually take charge of their own marketing. For instance, here are 13 tried and tested strategies to market to your audience effectively.

Here are some of the SaaS product marketing trends employed by the SaaS companies in 2019.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Today, it has become imperative for SaaS companies to be known as thought leaders in the market than marketing the product itself. Companies have realized that educating prospects is the best way to market their brand and their SaaS products.

Only 24% of the SaaS companies use their blog to educate customers, while many of the companies do not have one. Impactbnd says blogs can gain 14% more traffic by publishing educative articles. Storytelling is one of the strategies to attract readers and drive traffic to your company’s blog.

Employing a Free Trial Strategy

Free trials create customers. With a free-trial strategy, companies can eliminate concerns of customer acquisition. This has been one of the top strategies for SaaS companies and it will continue to be so.

Allowing customers to use your product for a trial period or with limited features indefinitely (Ex. Google) may peak their interest for the full version. They are an opportunity to build trust and increase engagement.

Going for a Mobile Approach

With the usage of mobile apps growing, small business owners are using mobile applications of the SaaS products to manage their business, more so in 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for SaaS companies to build a mobile-friendly application. Providing a seamless mobile experience is vital for the products’ success.

Investing in Customer Success

Devoting your efforts to the success of your customers will undoubtedly boost revenue for your company. Profit and customer retention will follow with the value you provide. With the choices customers have these days, it is not difficult for them to find another vendor. Kissmetrics says that focusing on customer success is 5x more valuable than sales.

Marketing One Feature at a Time

SaaS solutions are evolving, and as a result, companies are adding new features, tools, and plug-ins to the list of products they already have. Companies are creating full swing marketing campaigns around these products.

Stand-alone feature marketing, otherwise known as feature marketing, is the norm this year as companies are creating parallel products that are separate from their main product, but add value to people who are already using the full version.

Example: Mailchimp Campaigns

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Mailchimp, a company that helps other companies market products of their own has mastered feature marketing over the years. Their features have a landing page of its own, making it look like someone has launched a new product.

Their robust campaign has landing pages from where you sign up and find yourself to flow to their ‘new features’ email drip funnel, rather than inside their main funnel. The ‘new features’ funnel will also lead you to the main product funnel.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Many corners will be turned with AI and ML giving rise to a new marketing revolution, which in 2019, businesses are already tapping into. Businesses are set to adopt machine learning-as-a-service into their products. AI and ML will be integrated into chatbots and assistants, hands-off A/B testing, dynamic pricing, and predictive analysis.


With hundreds of SaaS products/companies being launched this year, marketers must step up and think of progressive strategies to grow and sustain. Some of the steps like writing educative blogs, providing free trials, and investing in customer success will help you market your SaaS product better. Contact us to discuss more about marketing your SaaS products.