Social Media: Your Catalyst to Happiness

20-Mar-2019 03:17 PM Verbinden Communication

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be”, said Abraham Lincoln. This means happiness is really a state of mind. People find happiness in art, music, research, and some in sports. But does social media give people happiness?

When social media took off less than a decade ago, no one ever thought about the happiness or sadness associated with it. Sharing a post or a picture can provoke pleasant or unpleasant reaction from an individual or a group. The need to examine why some people share moments of happiness and some don’t, is a key factor in understanding how happiness and social media are connected.  

You may post happy pictures and deliberately not post something bad that you are going through. Some people post to seek social approvals. When you are going through rough times, you may not feel like sharing. Moments of gloom are rarely shared on social media and this is why social media is mostly perceived as a happy place to be.

How Has Social Media Changed Lives?

Looking at happy pictures when you are going through a period of gloom may cause anxiety, depression and mental instability. Subconsciously, we are comparing our life to someone else’s. When that happens, it may be time to stop and ponder. You may want to switch off social media and take the time to relax and reflect. Positive pictures may not be reality.

What we see on social media may not be true always. We must remember why social media was built in the first place. When it was first built, we saw it as a great tool to get in touch with friends we have not seen for quite some time.

Students ett in touch with their teachers, brothers with sisters, and some rekindled their relationship, time zones and continents did not matter. There are arguments that social media is making people less social, but others are of the opinion that it is bringing us closer through technology.

Using Social Media Positively

However, there are many success stories with social media where authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and performers have garnered a following. These would have become social media popular by posting genuine content for people to experience and critique. Should you chase after likes or connect with people genuinely? In reality, genuine or authentic content sells on social media.

In this age, social media occupies a big part of our lives. All entities from individuals or brands have their presence on social media. Entrepreneurs want their business to be ‘cool’ and ‘popular’, and so do performers. To that end, they post to get likes and follows. While it is a good thing to be recognized for what you are, here are a few things one must keep while using social media:

  • Be sociable, be of service and authentic.
  • Share your stories instead of recreate what others are doing.
  • Build connections genuinely.
  • Care about what your audience want to know, or see, or learn.

These are ways huge following is built. So you must not be obsessed over likes and follows, but you must create actionable content and maintain human connections.

Human connections, authenticity, association and connectivity are the crux of happiness. We wish you wholesome of happiness on this World Happiness Day. Stay connected and stay happy.